Outdoor activities in Montenegro – ITB Berlin

I am here with Thomas. Thomas represents Montenegro National Parks. Thomas, can you tell us what would be the interesting things to do in Montenegro? Especially the National Parks? Especially the National Parks. Yeah. We have five national parks in Montenegro, which is really exceptional in Europe, because Montenegro is a relatively small country and […]

Living With Low Vision: Stories of Hope and Independence (Ruth Lotz)

[Music] When I realized in February ’03 that my vision was getting blurry, I thought I should have a change in lenses. But when I went to that doctor, that was my first indication that I could have macular degeneration. I could almost draw what’s happening in this eye and what’s happening in this. And […]

Apt Pupil (eng-ita sub) The things I’m going to say, they’ll never go away , not for you

You must really have wanted to shake my hand or something else wait a minute are you going to tell people I did someting to you, Todd? I don’t wanna drag you down with me but I will – I’m better at this than you are. – better at what? I’m trying to help you […]

FPGA Vision – Low-Power Design

Hello and welcome to an FPGA Vision lecture. In this video, we will have a look at power consumption of digital circuits and how to achieve low power. Why is it a problem? Well, let’s have a look at the last years and, in this diagram, you can see that in 1980s, 1990s, the power […]

‘Master’s pupil’ the verse

Master’s pupil Those days were best I started as a teacher myself to test We learnt to play chess with bro Studied English, he was approximately four. He will be 16 soon In winter with upcoming 2020 from now in thirty moons Young and clever I believe he will be disappointed from his life never. […]

Write the Vision: Low Vision

♪ ♪ African Americans tend to sometimes wait too long to seek proper eye care when they may have a condition like diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. So, there may be vision loss as a result of that, vision loss that cannot be restored. When that occurs, a person may then suffer permanent vision impairment. In […]

Glenboig Primary in the running for top sports prize

 SPORTY pupils from Glenboig Primary can often be found jumping for joy – as well as bowling, trying martial arts, shooting hoops, dribbling footballs, cycling and even discovering new hit kanjam  Now they have even more reason to celebrate after being shortlisted as a finalist in the school category at tomorrow’s prestigious Scottish sports awards, […]

Nick Cornea of Farmers Against Rural Crime

Good afternoon members of the committee, Members of Parliament and the other witnesses called upon to speak on rural crime today. My name’s Nick Cornea and I am the founder and president of Farmers Against Rural Crime, A Facebook page that I started up in February to bring awareness and to push for changes on […]

How effective is the iStent for glaucoma?

One of the recent developments in the management of patients who have cataracts and glaucoma is the use of newer devices that are implanted in the eye at the time of cataract surgery that help to control the eye pressure. And one of these devices, which I have been using for over five years now, […]

Outdoor activities in Colorado with Jennifer Bartlett-Alpert – ITB Berlin

Hi, this is Konstantin and I’ve got Jennifer from Colorado. Jennifer, could you tell about a couple of highlights of Colorado when it comes to adventure. I know it is a very difficult thing to do, but try to do it. In 1 minute. In Colorado it’s 360 days of sunshine. So, we have great […]