Tutorial Glaucoma #8 Exames para o diagnóstico do glaucoma

Are you aware of the necessary tests for diagnosing Glaucoma? We already know that Glaucoma is a silent disease When symptoms do occur, it is too late to prevent vision loss. The most effective way to prevent vision loss is by annually visiting the ophthalmologist Speaking of which, I highly suggest you watch Tutorial 3 […]

What advancements are being made in the treatment of glaucoma?

There are some very new exciting developments in the treatment of glaucoma. First of all, are traditional eye drops that’s been over 20 years since we have a new class of drug and there are a few in the horizon one of which is the ROCK inhibitors do show great potential and they should be […]

Can You Take Steroid Eye Drops With Glaucoma For Dry Eye?

Bar Owens asks would you use steroid drops short-term for dry eye on a person with severe glaucoma? I mean I would say if you know that you’re… I mean nobody really knows they’re not a steroid responder until you take steroids but as long as you are not a steroid responder meaning somebody that […]

Open Angle Glaucoma Treatment : Eye Drops for Glaucoma and Glaucoma Surgery

So open-angle glaucoma Treatment well in this video I get to review the different eye drops for glaucoma and glaucoma surgery. So let’s take a look Hey guys welcome this is dr Joe Allen here from doctor eye health bringing the best in education about the eyes vision and vision product So if you new […]

Can glaucoma be cured? The different types of glaucoma surgery and success rates

Glaucoma surgery is necessary for my patients when drops or simple laser treatments such as SLT laser are unable to control the pressure at a sufficiently low level to stop the glaucoma from getting worse. We always start patients with glaucoma with either simple laser treatments such as SLT or drops treatment before recommending surgery. […]

Can a Tight Necktie Increase Glaucoma Risk?

Sometimes it’s real hard to break those old habits. You find yourself asking, “Is it really that bad for me?” Well, take neckties for one thing. You want them nice and tight, looking right, high and tight. But could your tie be too tight? There’s an internet rumor that a tight tie could increase a […]

Glaucoma – Screening and Stable Monitoring Service

Glaucoma is a group of diseases, mainly characterized by damage to the optic nerve. This is often, but not always associated with raised pressure within the eye. In the earlier stages, and milder glaucoma, this is undetectable by the patient. The pressure damages the optic nerve, and that progressively damages the peripheral vision. In this […]

Kevin & Janice, Glaucoma | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

Glaucoma is an eye disorder that I was diagnosed with about a year and a half ago where I started the pressures in my eyes were built up so much that I lost the optic nerve in my left eye. They said once the nerve is gone then the nerve is gone and you cannot […]