Dr. Honassys Responde #18 – Glaucoma e exercício físico

Hello! I´m Honassys Rocha, Clinica do Olho Medical Director. Today we´ll talk about glaucoma and physical activity. Ana Paula Alves asked us through YouTube: I would like to know if a person with glaucoma can workout. I´m already exercising for a few days. Sometimes I have headache. Is there something in common? God bless you […]

Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Types of Glaucoma

Well, let’s talk for a moment about differing styles of Glaucoma. I think, sometimes, people have the misunderstanding that Glaucoma is a one entity. And, there’s actually many different types of Glaucoma and, you know, we have congenital Glaucoma, we have Glaucoma that can happen as a result of trauma. But, the majority of population, […]

Dr Honassys Responde #34 – O que é glaucoma? (em 2018) #RadioExcelsior

Before we go to the break I would like you to tell me what is glaucoma. Exactly! I was just going to ask this. What is glaucoma? And is there any symptoms? Tati, this is a hard question to answer. Sometimes we think it is easy to answer But glaucoma concept had changed as time […]

Glaucoma – Yale Medicine Explains

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that effect optical nerves with potential visual loss. Glaucoma is unique because in early stage or even in moderate glaucoma, patient may not have any symptoms. Glaucoma can be, especially early glaucoma can be only detected by office exam and a visual field test. When the glaucoma becomes advanced, […]

Dr. Kyari – Part II – Light for the World and Glaucoma

(Interviewer) How do you think this programme that Light for the World is implementing will contribute to overcoming this problem of glaucoma in sub-Saharan Africa? (Dr. Kyari) I think it is fantastic because NGOs have not really been looking into glaucoma as a disease itself maybe even in the eye health programmes they focus on […]

Ophtalmology : Glaucoma | Dr Norazlina Bachik Ng, KPJ Centre for Sight

I’m Dr Azlina binti Bachik, Consultant Opthalmologist Interior segment and reflected surgery KPJ Pusat Pakat Mata Centre for Sight Thank you doctor. That’s the first question. What is Glaucoma? The Glaucoma is actually a very blinding condition, it causes permanent lightness And it is often called the silent thief of sight Simply because most of […]

Technology & Accessibility: Low Vision Solutions for Glaucoma

>>Hello everyone. Thank you for joining as. Thank you for the people who came in person as well. >>January is Glaucoma awareness month so we thought today we would demonstrate some of the technology available for individuals that have Glaucoma or even other low vision disabilities.>>We will start off with software on the computer and […]