Glaucoma – The Nebraska Medical Center

No one needs to go blind from this disease Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that affects the optic nerve, which is the nerve that helps us to see better, and there are many kinds of Glaucoma’s, so it’s a misconception that it’s just one disease and another thing to know about the disease […]

Custom Cornea Vision Correction Patient Los Angeles Laser Eye Center

I originally came to the consultation and to Laser Eye Center i was looking at basically three options that were there and after looking at the the benefits of each one of them I went to the custom cornea for my procedure and went with that mainly because i have had had issues at night […]

The Secret To Beautiful, Healthy Eyes!

If you love watching glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! Good food habits are the key to having a healthy body & mind because as we age, the lifestyle habits we form may weaken our eyesight. So, to keep our […]

Are you a good LASIK Candidate

How would you know if you’re a candidate for LASIK? We have an excellent self-assessment test on the website. The other best way to do it is to come in and let me take a look. Our two main criteria there: Do you wear full-time glasses? Is your cornea able to withstand treatment. Most corneal […]

Warby Parker | How do I know if my glasses fit?

Hi, I’m Gracie from Warby Parker. The first question you want to ask yourself when shopping for glasses are “are these comfortable?” That’s usually a good starting point if they are. If you are looking for general rules of thumb, we have five. So the first one is you wanna make sure that the centers […]

Warby Parker | How do I know what size glasses to wear?

Hi guys, it’s Louisa here from Warby Parker and I’m here to talk to you about how to find your ideal fit when shopping for a pair of glasses. So we offer a variety of face fits. We actually offer five ranging from extra narrow to extra wide. I typically wear a medium, so I’m […]

What Happens When You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses

– Some contact lens brands say that it’s okay to sleep in them, but as a general rule, it’s really not. My name is Dr. Irina Belinsky. I am an eye surgeon specializing in oculoplastics and ocular oncology. Contact lenses are safe, but they’re safe if you take care of them appropriately, and part of […]

How Does LASIK Work?

Dr. Katie Brown, Optometrist – UAMS Jones Eye Institute

Hi, my name is Dr. Katie Brown and I am an optometrist at the UAMS Jones Eye Institute. I think the eye is very interesting because it is a very small organ that is extremely complicated. I don’t think I’ll ever be done learning about the eye, again it’s connection with systemic disease that’s very […]

LASIK Procedure Patient Testimonial at CorrectVision Laser Institute

The entire experience from day one was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be Including the staff in both locations, everyone was great and the surgery itself was fantastic no pain whatsoever I think it was less than seven minutes in the entire procedure was over. It was fantastic. -Who did […]