Ottawa House Buyers | Ottawa House Sellers | What Happens On Home Closing Day At The Lawyers Office?

Jerry speaks: Hello in today’s episode we are here with Julian Hutchinson, and with (Tom Speaks) Tomasz Witek with Your Choice Realty Corp. (Jerry speaks) And what is that you do? (Julian speaks) I am a real estate lawyer in Ottawa, I specialize in residential and commercial, but also engage in a niche market, as […]

What Causes Dry Eyes?

The people who are at risk for dry eyes is usually as we get older in age as we get older you get a higher incidence of dry yes and then females. Females are a little bit higher than males and then also what we’re doing to the eyes in Shanneka’s case she had contact […]

How Ticks Dig In With a Mouth Full of Hooks | Deep Look

The hills are alive … with silent, waiting ticks. Their bites can transmit bacteria that cause Lyme disease, and other things that can make us very sick. Protected by these palps is a menacing mouth covered in hooks. First she has to find a host. She can sense animals like us by the carbon dioxide […]

Optometric Technician M OT CC

( ♪♪ ) ( natural sound ) (Angela – Instructor:) The optometric and ophthalmology communities rely on us to provide them with skilled technicians. Our program … they get a nice broad understanding of the eye field, which allows them to work in different areas. Hands-on is key, it’s very important, it’s a huge component […]

What Is Astigmatism? : Does Your Astigmatism Get Better as You Get Older?

I’ve been asked, does your astigmatism get better when you get older? Well, that depends on what group you’re in. Again, astigmatism refers to primarily the shape of the cornea, for most people who have astigmatism, it’s called regular astigmatism which is a curving this direction. It’s more steep this way vertically, and a little […]

QUT Bachelor of Vision Science – Optometry

Hi, my name’s James Fuss and I study Optometry at QUT. Here at QUT there’s a great emphasis in the clinical practice of optometry. We get to practise on real patients which are real people that come in and get eye tests. The equipment here in the clinic is really state of the art; it’s […]