मोतियाबिंद का आसान और असरदार घरेलू इलाज | Cataract & Glaucoma Home Remedies Hindi | Motiyabind Ilaj

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F/GO Nero Fest Rerun- Act 2- Master and Pupil of Light and Shadow: STOP SPAMMING “EVASION!!!”

Wat’sup y’all, another F/GO video’s here. So, good news: I defeated Heracles just an hour ago. Bad news is: I didn’t record the battle… I thought I will lose the battle, but instead I won. Surprisingly… So Act 1 is already cleared. Time for Act 2!!! So I will fight Cú Chulainn (or Sétanta) and […]

Best home remedy for iritis – best way to get rid of iritis – natural remedies for iritis

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Schulze Diabetes Institute Announcement

Lets work together to make a cure for diabetes a reality, for your child, your niece, your friend, your loved one and yourself. Let’s stand up to diabetes and put an end to it. Let’s let those that we love the freedom to be who they are, without the constant fear of what will happen […]

Guinea pig Village, Home of Guru Billy and his young disciple Kurt

We traveled the world searching for truth and freedom. We finally found what we looking for in the mind of a Guinea Pig. They have a ministry of vulnerability that could change the world one pig at a time Guru Billy’s thought of the week “THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE […]

Professor James Morgan on research into glaucoma | Fight for Sight

my name is James Milken I’m the professor of Ophthalmology at Cardiff University that means I’m a clinician scientist as a clinician I Lokar for people with vision related problems trying to make them better but also a scientist trying to find new ways to prevent the loss of vision and for those patients with […]

Blindness From Glaucoma Improving But Still High

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness around the world, but one study shows how much improvement has been made and how much more improvement is needed. I’m Kendra Rowland for the dailyRx News Network. A new study showed that the rate of blindness in patients diagnosed with open-angle Glaucoma was reduced by half in […]