Friday Night Live

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Year 5 primary school pupils in Finland – Education, play, creativity

Who are you? Helinä and Sanni Is this a good school? Yes Why? There is no school bullying here and there are rules, but not so many. I agree with her and it’s also very good to be here. And why do you think there is no bullying here? I think it could be so […]

Pupil’s views about environmental school in Finland

”Our school is located along the scenic road, in a beautiful location. The beach is about 100 meters away. In the early autumn and late spring we go swimming by bike and on foot. We eat organic and local food at school. We often go to a berry farm picking corn and peas. In winter, […]

Primary School Pupils as Coding Ambassadors in Finland – Collaborative Learning

Educational technology is a tool to assist in teaching. To use technology most effectively in education requires skilled teachers and appropriate pedagogy. The teachers need to use teaching methods which utilize technology in the best way. Collaborative learning is the learners’ interaction process, which the teacher facilitates. Teachers and the students’ cooperation is essential in […]