Pesquisa Afirma que Este Alimento Melhora a Visão e Previne Cegueira, Descubra!

Did you know that about 75% of partial or total loss of vision be avoided and even reversed? This statement by WHO raises a about how we can act in a way that prevent blindness. Blindness is nothing more than a condition characterized by the loss of the ability to to see, which may be […]

Ophtalmology : Glaucoma | Dr Norazlina Bachik Ng, KPJ Centre for Sight

I’m Dr Azlina binti Bachik, Consultant Opthalmologist Interior segment and reflected surgery KPJ Pusat Pakat Mata Centre for Sight Thank you doctor. That’s the first question. What is Glaucoma? The Glaucoma is actually a very blinding condition, it causes permanent lightness And it is often called the silent thief of sight Simply because most of […]

6 Natural Remedies for Eye Inflammation – Australia 365

6 Natural Remedies for Eye Inflammation Do you have a tired look and inflamed eyes? Eye inflammation is the result of a series of factors. After all, the technological era has made us strain our eyes. We do this with several devices like cell phones and computers. Luckily, all is not lost. There are several […]


Hello everyone back again at the qnc store channel Uveitis is inflammation that occurs in the uvea or middle layer of the eye This condition is characterized by one or both eyes looks very red because in the uvea many blood vessels Generally, uveitis is experienced by adults age 20-50 yr but sometimes also experienced […]

Watery Eyes Home Remedies – Natural Treatment for Watery Eyes

Watery Eyes Home Remedies Watery Eyes Home Remedies Watery Eyes Home Remedies Watery Eyes Home Remedies

Life is Wonderful with These New Low Vision Glasses! – Richard M.

So what do you think of these glasses? I think they are great! Can you see better? I can see really well with them doctor, thank you very much. As I said earlier, thank you for giving me a good life. A new life. You think it will come in handy for your everyday life? […]

How to Soothe Tired Eyes : Soothing Tired Eyes: Remove Mask

Ok and the last and final step of the soothing eye treatment is you want to remove the mask like so just one quick fluid movement. And you can go ahead and take a moist cotton or sponge and just remove any excess product from the area. And we are going to finish up here […]

White Eyeliner! 10 White Eyeliner Uses! How to Brighten Eyes and Face.

White eyeliner is an essential piece in every woman’s makeup bag. If you want to learn how to use it in 10 different ways then this is the tutorial for you. White color liner will brighten and highlight features of your face making you look fresh and awake. Apply it to the inner corners of […]