Costa Del Mar Rincon Sunglasses Preview

This is a special preview to one of the new releases that Costa Del Mar has for the Costa Rincon R-I-N-C-O-N Rincon. That is how you pronounce it if you speak Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish you might say Rincon, which is perfectly fine too. So, a special thanks to William out at Haskell […]

How To Have The Thinnest Rx Lenses

It’s Your Progressive Lens Expert! You have a high near-sighted eyeglasses prescription and today I show you some techniques that you should coordinate with your optician so that you can end up having the thinnest lenses you could possibly have. Most opticals owners, whenever they need employees on their sales floors, they hire them but […]

Warby Parker | How do I know if my glasses fit?

Hi, I’m Gracie from Warby Parker. The first question you want to ask yourself when shopping for glasses are “are these comfortable?” That’s usually a good starting point if they are. If you are looking for general rules of thumb, we have five. So the first one is you wanna make sure that the centers […]

Warby Parker | How do I know what size glasses to wear?

Hi guys, it’s Louisa here from Warby Parker and I’m here to talk to you about how to find your ideal fit when shopping for a pair of glasses. So we offer a variety of face fits. We actually offer five ranging from extra narrow to extra wide. I typically wear a medium, so I’m […]

TSO Downtown | Cataracts

(Frequently Asked Question) (What is a Cataract?) Hi I’m Dr Van Nguyen from Downtown Texas State Optical. One of the questions I get asked quite often is: What are cataracts? Cataracts are, when the lens and the eye start aging; It can be due to a variety of reasons like: UV Light sun damage, or […]

Ultraviolet (UV) Coatings: How Do They Protect Your Eyes?

When you go to the park, beach, or an outdoor venue, do you wear a hat or apply suntan lotion to protect your skin from the sun? The fact of the matter is, whatever the weather conditions, ultraviolet (UV) sunlight is continuously making it’s way through to your eyes. With this in mind, your eyes […]

How to Pick Women’s Eyeglasses : Women’s Rimless Eyeglass Frame

Okay, the next type of frame that we are going to talk about is going to be the rimless or drill mount style frame for ladies. Again, these are not going to be for a person who has a very stout prescription, if you have a very thick prescription or a very high prescription you’re […]

Build Your Own Reading Glasses

Philip came in today and he said, “I want something similar to this if not, just like it” So I said, Hey, We have our own line of reading glasses why don’t I just custom make them! So, this was the choice of frame that is very similar to his. All I had to do […]

No More Progressive Lens Problems

Hello IGTV! Today we are talking about the special set of conditions that you are in when the doctor is giving you your refraction (which is your eyeglass prescription). Your eye exam, you’re sitting in a dark room and you are looking through a phoroptor which is 12 millimeters away. The lens that you are […]