TSO Downtown | Cataracts

(Frequently Asked Question) (What is a Cataract?) Hi I’m Dr Van Nguyen from Downtown Texas State Optical. One of the questions I get asked quite often is: What are cataracts? Cataracts are, when the lens and the eye start aging; It can be due to a variety of reasons like: UV Light sun damage, or […]

Ultraviolet (UV) Coatings: How Do They Protect Your Eyes?

When you go to the park, beach, or an outdoor venue, do you wear a hat or apply suntan lotion to protect your skin from the sun? The fact of the matter is, whatever the weather conditions, ultraviolet (UV) sunlight is continuously making it’s way through to your eyes. With this in mind, your eyes […]

How to Pick Women’s Eyeglasses : Women’s Rimless Eyeglass Frame

Okay, the next type of frame that we are going to talk about is going to be the rimless or drill mount style frame for ladies. Again, these are not going to be for a person who has a very stout prescription, if you have a very thick prescription or a very high prescription you’re […]

Build Your Own Reading Glasses

Philip came in today and he said, “I want something similar to this if not, just like it” So I said, Hey, We have our own line of reading glasses why don’t I just custom make them! So, this was the choice of frame that is very similar to his. All I had to do […]

No More Progressive Lens Problems

Hello IGTV! Today we are talking about the special set of conditions that you are in when the doctor is giving you your refraction (which is your eyeglass prescription). Your eye exam, you’re sitting in a dark room and you are looking through a phoroptor which is 12 millimeters away. The lens that you are […]

Why Don’t Other Animals Wear Glasses?

[MUSIC] This episode is supported by The Great Courses Plus [MUSIC] I’ve never seen a gorilla with glasses, a chameleon with contacts, or a moose with a monocle. Although I did see a spectacled bear once. But like 7 out of 10 Americans, my eyes don’t bend light correctly, so I’ve worn glasses since fifth […]

People Who Wear Glasses Are Smarter – GlassesUSA.com

Ever wonder why people who wear glasses look smarter? It’s because we actually are smarter. Much smarter. A recent scientific study suggests that people who wear glasses compensate for their poor eyesight with higher intelligence. They spend more time in school and are more likely to pursue higher education. In fact people who wear glasses […]

Astigmatism: What is it? How can it be treated?

Welcome to Eye Care in Focus where we try to make vision care and eye health more clear for you I’m Dr. Jordan Netzel and today we’re talking about Astigmatism So what is astigmatism all it really means is that your cornea that clear window in the front part of your eye is not perfectly […]