How to reverse chronic glaucoma naturally in 4 minutes a day

– Hello my friend. Are you suffering from chronic glaucoma? Do you know that it’s a buildup of pressure in your eye? Using the natural method, I’m gonna show you how to get rid of it. Chronic glaucoma can damage your optic nerve, which will harm your vision. To get rid of the pressure, we […]

Glaucoma Requires Ongoing Care and Testing

(bright music) – You can be born with glaucoma, so of course there’s a pediatric population with glaucoma. And then the more common glaucoma patient tends to be older. I have people who are in their 30s with glaucoma, and there are people in their 90s with glaucoma. It’s a chronic disease, so once someone […]

Baby has Glaucoma Eye Surgery 馃憗馃彞

– [Tim] Good morning, Livia. It’s time for your eye surgery. We gotta go to the hospital. There you go. Come on. (happy upbeat music) – I thought going through a second surgery with Livia would be easier than the first time for me. But me, trying to stuff away my emotions with it, and […]

What is Glaucoma – What Causes Glaucoma (Simple Answer)

So what exactly is Glaucoma? and What causes it? Well in this video I’t going to be covering just that and more! So let’s…take a look! Hey guys welcome to Doctor Eye Health! I’m Dr. Joseph Allen and it’s my passion to help educate people all about the eyes Vision, and finding the best vision […]