Opthamologist Dr. Carlo Carta shows MVM Microchirurgia Villa Massimo

Hello TraveDoc patient my name is Carlo Carta I work in Rome I am an opthamologist I work in two clinics in the center of Rome and my specialty is I am a surgeon and I hope you enjoy your stay in Rome and welcome anyway to my clinic, if you need it

Eye Examination

Are you having an Eye Exam? Does that make you feel worried about failing a test? Well, eye exams aren’t like school exams. It’s just a check-up for your eyes. Having your eyes checked is called an eye examination or eye exam. It means you will visit an eye doctor like Maryam. Eye doctors are […]

What is OCT Scanning? (Optical Coherence Tomography)

In our practices we use high definition Optical Coherence Tomography (or OCT) Scanning to obtain images of the structures of the eye which previously we were unable to see by conventional means. The OCT is non-invasive and does not usually require dilating drops. From the patient’s point of view all that is required is to […]

Animation: Detecting diabetic retinopathy through a dilated eye exam

the comprehensive dilated eye exam opening the door to preventing blindness a doctor can detect signs of diabetic retinopathy during a comprehensive dilated eye exam the patient receives special eye drops to dilate the pupils the pupils open wide allowing the doctor to see the back of the eye clearly when eyes are dilated the […]