The importance of lifelong glaucoma treatment| Ohio State Medical Center

A common misconception among I think a lot of patients is that glaucoma is like another medical condition where once you treat it you can consider it to be cured or stable. And the important thing to understand about glaucoma is that it’s a lifelong process that requires a partnership between the patient and the […]

Symptoms and treatment for glaucoma | Ohio State Medical Center

The reason that the disease can be dangerous is that it typically doesn’t have a lot, if any, early signs that you’re suffering from the disease. For angle-closure glaucoma, typically you will experience rapid-onset eye pain with blurry vision, sometimes a headache, sometimes even it’s severe enough that it causes nausea and vomiting. That’s a […]

What is Blepharitis? (How to Treat Blepharitis at Home)

So do your eyes burn or feel irritated? Well maybe you have blepharitis, and in this video I’m gonna be explaining exactly what blepharitis is and how you can treat it at home so let’s take a look. This video is brought to you by Ocusoft, the number one doctor recommended brand of eyelid cleansers. […]

Treatments for Glaucoma | McFarland Clinic

We are having more and more options for the treatment of glaucoma. We typically start with eyedrops, and here we have several options and several families of eyedrops that we can use basically to lower the eye pressure. If eyedrops don’t work, we can do a laser. If laser and eyedrops don’t work, we have […]

“Cataract removal” Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. David D. Richardson

My name is Petrita I’ve been coming to the San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates to see Dr. Richardson for many years. He’s a very, very good doctor. He always helps me, and I trust him 100 percent. We called Dr. Richardson and the last test that I had found that I was losing some vision […]

“His staff has been very friendly” Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. David D. Richardson

We first came into contact with Dr. Richardson after my wife had gone to Dr. Schiff. I believe Dr. Richardson took over for Dr. Schiff’s practice, and we started to come to Dr. Richardson. We’ve been very happy. Obviously we looked into his background, and his educational background is exemplary. So we started with him […]

“technology they use here is the latest” Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. David D. Richardson

My name is Elmer. I travel 35 miles to Dr. Richardson’s office. I’ve been coming here since he first started. I think he’s good from his professionalism, his training, and his people that work here. My wife brings me up here and I appreciate her doing it and I think all the technology they use […]

How do my eyes get checked for Uveitis?

Hi I’m Vanessa, thank you very much for coming Daniella. So you have come here today to have a uveitis screen. Do you know what a uveitis screen is? No. Okay, well it’s having a look at your eyes. I’m gonna check your vision and then Dr Schmoll will have a look inside your eyes […]

The Air Puff – Glaucoma Eye Pressure Test

welcome back to another episode of eye care in focus where we try to make eye health and vision care more clear for you today we’re gonna try to figure out why your doctor always does that air puff machine to you every single time you go into their office our topic for today is […]