Malignant Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension | Patient Testimonial

– Hi, my name is Carol Sheppard and I’m a patient at Ocala Eye and have been for approximately two years. I had been seeing doctors in Ohio for approximately six months without success in finding the source of my high pressures in the eye. So I came to Florida and ended up in Dr. […]

Glaucoma Care & Awareness with Dr. Sawyer Lambert | UT Health RGV

We do cover care for aging patients which would be glaucoma care. We also do macular degeneration care and we have all the technology here to be able to take care of you in the best way possible. We are able to really look at a global view of the optic nerve and the macula, […]

Meet Mark Slabaugh, MD | Ophthalmologist at OSU Wexner Medical Center

My name is Mark Slabaugh. I’m an ophthalmologist at the OSU Havener Eye Institute. My subspecialty is glaucoma. I also have an interest in the management of glaucoma with complex ocular conditions such as uveitis as well as traumatic glaucoma. I specialize in the surgical management of both cataracts and glaucoma. Some of the subspecialty […]

“Glaucoma Tests” Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. David D. Richardson

Hello. My name is Dean. I went to see my new optometrist approximately 14 months ago he had suggested I may have some type of issue with glaucoma. I spoke to a radiologist friend of mine at San Gabriel Valley, and he recommended Dr. Richardson. When I came here, I was a little apprehensive. I […]

How removing cataracts can improve glaucoma | Ohio State Medical Center

For a glaucoma provider, you know, cataracts are important too. Removing cataracts can actually help improve your intraocular pressure control just by having them removed. In addition to that, there are other types of glaucoma that, in particular, people with high degrees of refractive error, thick glasses, are predisposed to and removal of cataracts in […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Glaucoma | McFarland Clinic

A frequent question is, “Am I going to lost my vision? Am I going to go blind?” Luckily in this day and age, this is a very rare condition. We typically don’t lose vision and go blind from glaucoma–as long as we diagnose it early enough, as long as we treat it properly, and as […]

Glaucoma: What it is, how to prevent or treat it | Ohio State Medical Center

Glaucoma at its simplest is damage to the optic nerve, typically as a result of an elevated pressure inside the eye. One of the biggest risk factors is genetics. So if you have a family member, particularly a sibling with glaucoma, that does put you in a much higher risk for developing it going forward. […]

Ophthalmologist, Retinal Surgeon: Dilraj Grewal, MD

Who is at Risk for Glaucoma? | McFarland Clinic

The Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma is typically a condition that shows up in the 40s and above. People at high risk are mainly people with family history, so if you have a family history– mother, brother, father–then you are at a high risk. You need more frequent visits and more frequent screenings. People with diabetes […]

New laser treatment for glaucoma | Ohio State Medical Center

We’re in an exciting time in glaucoma right now cause we have so many different options for treatment. When we consider things like laser treatment, there’s both inside-of-the-clinic laser treatment options and inside-the-operating-room laser treatment options. Inside the clinic, if you are on a single medication or even have a new diagnosis of glaucoma and […]