Ysgol Gynradd Jubilee School – Disgyblion / Pupils

Lucas: The curriculum will be coming into all the schools in Wales soon, but we’ve kind of had a head start because we’re linking it to lots of our work. Erin: The teachers have helped us actually adapt to what might be… what the new curriculum holds for us. Rosie: It’s helped us a lot […]

Pupil Personnel Services Credential and Working in the Public School System

The PPSC program is a credential that allows social workers to work in the public school system with students. Our program is really unique because it offers a fully online model for students to come back after earning a master’s degree in social work an MSW, and seek their PPSC credentials, so that they can […]

Lunch Hour Lecture: Impact of tracking school pupils by ‘ability’ on educational & social inequality

Hello, and welcome ladies and gentlemen. My name is David Price. I’m Vice Provost for research here at UCL and I’m delighted to welcome you today to the UCL lunch hour lecture, which will be given by Professor Becky Francis. Becky is the director of the UCL Institute of Education, and is very well known […]

The Value in Earning a Pupil Personnel Services Credential

The Post-Master’s Pupil Personnel Services Credential is actually becoming more and more important in the field of Social Work because as social workers are beginning to work in public school settings, this credential enables those social workers with special training to work in those settings. So, considering a PPSC is something that will help expand […]

Teaching pupils with communication impairment using music

If you’re working with students who have communication impairment, you have to adopt different strategies. None of us know what anybody else hears at all. My voice, when I hear it on a recording, doesn’t sound at all like me. My voice in my head sounds like I know it and it doesn’t when I […]

Mark Sims on quality and outcomes for EAL pupils

I’m often asked what Ofsted is ‘looking for’ when inspectors go into schools. Are they looking for provision for EAL children to be in the mainstream classes, or is withdrawal better for them? Well, Ofsted’s position is that we don’t have a preferred way in which EAL learners are taught. What’s important are the outcomes. […]

Human Physiology – Visual Impairments: Corneal Ulcers

>>Dr. Ketchum: Okay, so the next visual impairment are called corneal ulcers. And corneal ulcers are actually an open sore that’s on the cornea. And there’s lots of different causes for these. You could have an injury to the eye. So you’ve poked the eye, for example. You can end up with corneal ulcers due […]

What To Do for Glaucoma – Massage Monday #403

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Per viewer’s request, this week I’m going to show you what you can do for glaucoma. Of course, this is not the replacement for the glaucoma treatment but this is something you can do to compliment the treatment by your medical doctor. First, rub […]

Principal at SEND school discusses state of pupil well-being provision ahead of election

So the two big things around special needs, in a nutshell, are: health not doing their bit around the accountability of the EHCPs. The other thing is the government need to reconsider the way that they allocate and distribute their responsibilities and bring them back centrally, so that they understand where the shortfalls are and […]

Lee Owston on disadvantaged children and the Pupil Premium

There’s certainly much to celebrate in the early years sector. We have the highest proportion of good and outstanding early years providers than ever before. More children are accessing early years provision to a high standard than we’ve ever seen. However, the true test of the early years sector must be how well they enable […]