Why Do We Get Eye Boogers?

I like to think the boogers that wield your eyes shut in the morning is your body’s way of saying you don’t need to open them for 5 more minutes. Hi everyone, it’s Julian here for you at DNews. Ok, so they aren’t actually boogers, but you know that crusty stuff in the corner of […]

Pupil Premium: Babington Community College

I’m here as part of a trip that we have been running from Babington Community College, which is all around the Pupil Premium. All students, two terms ago, were told that there was this chance of an all expenses paid trip to London and they were challenged to be the top ten in Year 7, […]

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

♪ Hey, Squeaks! I have a great idea. I’m going to show you a feeling, like happy or sad, and you have to guess what I’m thinking of, without me saying a word. Got it? [Squeaks squeaks] Do you know what feeling I’m thinking of? [Squeaks squeaks] You’re right — I’m pretending to be scared! […]

Ysgol Olchfa School – Disgyblion a staff / Staff and pupils

Headteacher – Hugh Davies “Way back in 2005 really we began to think that possibly the children at Key Stage Three weren’t getting the curriculum that they needed. We felt that the pupils who were being churned out of the school at the other end in the sixth form perhaps lacked independence and resilience as […]

Lunch Hour Lecture: Impact of tracking school pupils by ‘ability’ on educational & social inequality

Hello, and welcome ladies and gentlemen. My name is David Price. I’m Vice Provost for research here at UCL and I’m delighted to welcome you today to the UCL lunch hour lecture, which will be given by Professor Becky Francis. Becky is the director of the UCL Institute of Education, and is very well known […]

Glaucoma: Estudio en Modelos Animales – www.cedepap.tv

Key stage 2 tests: pupil registration

This video shows schools how to complete pupil registration for the key stage 2 tests. First, sign in to the Primary Assessment Gateway and select the ‘My activity’ tab. Most schools will see the ‘Manage pupil registration’ form in the ‘Outstanding activity’ section. Independent schools and Pupil referral units can access it from ‘Available activity’. […]

Ysgol Gynradd Jubilee School – Disgyblion / Pupils

Lucas: The curriculum will be coming into all the schools in Wales soon, but we’ve kind of had a head start because we’re linking it to lots of our work. Erin: The teachers have helped us actually adapt to what might be… what the new curriculum holds for us. Rosie: It’s helped us a lot […]

Pupil Personnel Services Credential and Working in the Public School System

The PPSC program is a credential that allows social workers to work in the public school system with students. Our program is really unique because it offers a fully online model for students to come back after earning a master’s degree in social work an MSW, and seek their PPSC credentials, so that they can […]