Dyneema®: The Greenest Strength

I am Andre van Wageningen. I’m within DSM Dyneema the sustainability director. And as such responsible for development and implementation of sustainability strategy. DSM Dyneema looks at sustainability from different perspectives. I think we always start with doing our homework, so we try to get our facts right… and from that, in discussion with people […]

Zoey Undergoes Cataract Surgery

Today was an exciting day for us. We came in to perform a bilateral cataract surgery on Zoey, your little sea lion here. It was exciting for me because Zoey came from the Marine Mammal Center. She was stranded on the beaches in California in 2012 and we rehabbed her and got her healthy again. […]

Addy Undergoes Cataract Surgery

So Addy stranded in California in June of 2013 and when she stranded she was massively malnourished. So she only weighed about 22 pounds when she was a year old when she should have been twice that big. At the time that she stranded they found she had a cataract in her eye and she […]