IOM – Testimonio 6 – Pterigión (Pterygium) post-cirugia – Dr Nelson Matamoros

What surgery did you get? Ptegyrium on my left eye. Why did you choose IOM for that surgery? Because some people who went through the same with success recommended me Dr Matamoros. Were you afraid of the surgery? Before knowing the Doctor yes, then I met him, he inspired me trust and everything went well. […]

IOM – Testimonio 5 – Pterigión ( Pterygium) o cancer del ojo? Dr Nelson Matamoros

Dr Matamoros, you just finished a surgery, what was the surgery about? It is a young patient who has a Limbo-corneal cancer and we did a marking of the lesion first, then we injected anti-metabolic o local chemo then we remove the infected tissues up to its base, making sure that all the cancer cells […]

Testimony Patient Kenny Pterygium – IOM Dr Matamoros

– Dr Nelson Matamoros – The pressure in both eyes is high and also a retinal issue on the right eye. The pressure problem is in both eyes and you have to use drops. The deficit you have on one eye can be fixed. And what about the membrane on the eyes? Yes also can […]