Laser Trabeculoplasty for Glaucoma

Let’s move on to the Surgical Treatments. You’re going to start with the FDA-approved surgical treatments— laser and incisional is what’s available here. In terms of laser treatments, we’ve got Iridotomy, Iridoplasty, Trabeculoplasty, and Cyclodestructive Procedures. Iridotomy, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on that – we poke a hole on the […]

Trabeculotomy and Goniotomy – Just Defer It | Driving with Dr. David Richardson Ep 07

Hello I’m Dr. David Richardson. I’m a cataract and glaucoma surgeon here in sunny Southern California, which you can see today is not. So, I actually elected not to drive-and-video today because here in California, drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain. Now, say what you will about Boston drivers but when I […]

Sleep Apnea and Glaucoma | Driving with Dr. David Richardson Ep 03

Good morning. I’m Dr. David Richardson. I’m a cataract and glaucoma surgeon that practices in Southern California. One of the things I mentioned in the first video was sleep apnea. So, I’d like to discuss a little bit about sleep apnea. And let’s get going and chat. The first thing is to address some misconceptions […]

Trabeculectomy and Glaucoma Drainage Devices for Glaucoma

Incisional surgery These are what we can basically split into Penetrating (the more traditional ones) and the Lower Risk Surgeries, which are called “minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries” or “Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgeries”—basically MIGS. And we’ll go over how well MIGS go, in a second, because you may have heard the tongue- in-cheek term, MEGS— M-E-G-S […]

Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors CAIs for Glaucoma

The Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors (CAIs) – Again, they turn on the faucet. But the oral ones are far more effective than the topical ones. So the oral ones, again, are Acetazolamide and Neptazane. The issue with the oral ones, though, is systemic side effects: transient myopia, frequent urination, light-headedness, paresthesias/Paresthesias – extremity tingling. These are […]

Cataract Surgery on Glaucoma Patient Testimonial_San Marino Eye

I’m a homemaker. I have two daughters and four grandchildren. I love being out with nature. I love colors. I like to read. I enjoy playing music — so my vision is extremely important to me. I first found about Dr. Richardson from my daughter. She was looking for someone for me because I was […]

Continuous Wave and Micropulse Cyclophotocoagulation for Glaucoma

Continuous Wave Cyclophotocoagulation This is, traditionally been, reserved for those patients who have end-stage glaucoma where there’s no potential for vision. It’s just a blind, painful eye. And you’d place this laser spots transscleraly, you destroy the ciliary body and you’d lower the pressure. But you could also lower it too much—you could essentially destroy […]

Blood Pressure and Glaucoma | Driving with Dr. David Richardson Ep 02

Hello, I’m Dr. David Richardson. I’m an Ophthalmologist in Southern California and my practice is primarily glaucoma and cataract treatment. . So my first video began discussing holistic approach to glaucoma treatment taking into account things other than just IOP (intraocular pressure) . In particular, I mentioned cardiovascular fitness and controlling high blood pressure. Well, […]

Currently Available Methods to Treat Open Angle Glaucoma

Tonight we’ve got two hours of CE, I understand. And I’m not going to talk for the whole two hours, I want to leave some time for Question and Answer. But this is a big topic tonight and the topic is, “Adjusting the Faucet or Opening the Drain.” Basically, what are the current and near […]

Next Generation Glaucoma Medications and Surgeries

So what’s in the pipeline? Next-generation medications and surgeries in the pipe line. Medications Quickly, the medications that are—that you’re going to see—some of these are already available say in Japan and elsewhere but hopefully we’ll see these in the US. There’s essentially three new classes of medications: The Rho-Kinase or the ROCK inhibitors—they open […]