Parts of Human Eye : Cornea (JHE02A)

now start our discussion with, the parts of human eye and very first part of human eye we’ll study is cornea. about cornea we can write it is a small portion. in front of. eye ball. which is, bulged. and it is covered. by a transparent. protective, layer. and this layer is called. cornea. here […]

ADCIS Vertical Products : Aries : Automatically process images of the cornea

ARIES rapidly and accurately analyzes the in vivo confocal micrographs of the central cornea, yielding quantitative results to describe the nerve network, and the distribution of dendritic immune cells and wing cells ARIES can automatically detect the layer that contains the nerves (Best Nerve Layer) ARIES automatically extracts the wingcells and computes measurements Immune Cells […]

Human Corneas 3D printed for first time

Scientists at Newcastle University have 3D printed the world’s first human corneas. By creating a special bio-ink using stem cells mixed together with alginate and collagen, they were able to print the cornea using a simple low-cost 3D bio-printer. It’s hoped that this new technique could be used to help combat the world-wide shortage of […]

Gloria Fleming, MD, Glaucoma Specialist

My name is Gloria Fleming, and my subspecialty is glaucoma. I grew up in New York in a county called Westchester County, which is a suburb outside of New York City. I did my undergraduate training at Cornell University. Then I went on to SUNY Upstate Medical College in Syracuse, New York for my medical […]

Cornea Bank Rostock – Aufbereitung von Augenhornhautspenden

What is corneal collagen cross-linking?

Corneal cross-linking is a procedure that uses vitamin drops and a special UV light, and it stabilises the cornea that is unstable due to a condition called keratoconus. Cross-linking has been around for over 20 years but, in clinical practice, we’ve been performing this procedure for 10 to 12 years. I started cross-linking about 12 […]

Corneal Topography PENTACAM

Hello, my name is Zeyad, we’ll be talking today about an important topic Corneal Topography and it’s usage in our Optometry clinics I will talk specifically about ‘’Pentacam Corneal Topography’’ And it’s usage in being able to make a clinical decision according to the results paper we obtain And to be able to answer patients […]

10 Trivia About Sri Lanka – 10 curiosidades sobre Sri Lanka

10 Trivia About Sri Lanka 1. In the “Full Moon Day” in Sri Lanka, the country will have a holiday The“full moon day”in Sri Lanka is a very important festival, known locally as Poya Day. The monthly Poya Day is a public holiday, and Buddhists go to the temple to participate in rituals. The full […]

170. 3D-Printed Cornea

Hey guys and welcome to goodness! I have my voice back!! YAY! Today’s goodness is about the world’s first 3D printed cornea! The cornea is the outermost layer of our eyeballs, and is super important in helping us to focus our vision! But there is a huge lack of corneas available for transplants, which are […]