Why is talk important for pupils’ learning? | Talk Education Partnership

Mostly what I understand of the importance of talking at school, like for us for the children it helps us to bring out our views, the challenges we face at school, and as we talk we talk to our teachers and they also they feel pain when we tell them and they also help us […]

Dilated Pupils May Mean More than We Think

I’m Gabe Garza with today’s health news. The eyes may be a window into more than just the soul. A new study found that how much a child’s pupil dilates in response to seeing an emotional image may predict his or her risk for depression over the next two years. These children were shown images […]

#GiveTheGift – St Francis Primary School pupils talk about love, joy, hope and magic

Love, joy, hope, magic. Not everybody has love and everyone needs love to survive because if they don’t have love, they’ll always be lonely. Love means you love your family, and they love you so much because you’ve been a very good boy and stuff. I think that love is in everything. Love is in […]

Pupil Premium

For far too long, the greatest predictor of how well you will do at school has been your parents’ income. Now that’s simply not good enough. Every child deserves a chance, they deserve a chance to be the best that they can be and that’s why the Government is introducing a pupil premium. It’s been […]

Birth Defects: Depakote & Depakene Linked to Cataracts, Iris & Eye Injuries in Children

Hello, I’m Janet Abaray with Burg Simpson. Depakote and Depakene can cause serious birth defects, including injuries to the eyes of children who were exposed to these drugs in utero. Children might be born with congenital cataracts, they could have injuries to their iris, and other corneal problems that could affect their ability to see. […]

Dream Support Meeting for children (夢応援面談のススメ) | Yu Kosuda | TEDxSaku

翻訳: Mako Tanaka 校正: Hiroko Kawano 今 現在東京の学習塾で教師をしております 小須田悠と申します 今 自分の会社の中で広げているものが — この「夢応援面談」というものを広げています あまり難しく考えなくていいと思います ただ単に子供達と 夢の話をたくさんしようという そんな簡単な話です 夢応援面談 聞くのは3つだけです 3つだけの質問で夢が引き出せます まず 1つ目 夢はありますか?って聞きます そうすると 「夢ありますよ僕 」っていう子 何人かいます — 結構いると思います 例えば サッカーが大好きな 中学校2年生の男の子 この子の夢 サッカー選手なんじゃなくて バイエルンミュンヘンかレアルマドリードに 入団したいっていう夢です で その夢を聞いたときに 僕がしたことは じゃあ どうやって入ろうか いつ入団するっていう話をしました その子と話したときには 例えば今中学校2年生なので 高校サッカーをするのか 大学サッカーをするのか Jリーグまで行ってから バイエルンに行くのか それとも 中学校を卒業したら もうバイエルン行っちゃえばいいんじゃないか っていう話もしました まあ彼のサッカー 実際にしてるとこ見たことないんで わからないんですが […]

What is a Cataract? | #aumsum

What is a cataract? It may be a cat’s nickname. No. A cataract is an eye disease. How does it form? Wait. I will explain. Each of our eyes consists of a transparent lens. Is it similar to my camera lens? Absolutely. Our eye lens is made up of water and protein. They are arranged […]

Global Blindness course: Developments in school vision testing

The type of refractive error and how common they are vary enormously from region to region. The region with the lowest proportion of children at school with uncorrected refractive error is in Africa, where it’s probably less than 2% of children have a refractive error. This is very different to Asia. Countries such as China […]

Why are auroras formed? plus 9 more videos.. #aumsum

Topic: Friction. Why is it difficult to pull a boat on the beach than on the sea? Hey. You will find it difficult to pull the boat on the beach. Pull it on the sea. There it will be quite easy. Indeed. Why not? Fine. Don’t listen. I am so tired. At least now try […]

Human Eye | #aumsum

Our topic for today is Human Eye. The human eye is one of the most valuable sense organs that enables us to see the world around us. Let us study about the different parts of an eye. Sclera is a tough outer coat that protects the entire eyeball. Choroid is a vascular layer of the […]