Learn how IStent Injects can help if you have cataracts and glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common vision condition that affects millions of people around the world, and can have a significant impact on your quality of life. If your doctor has recommended that you under go cataract surgery, you now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to treat your mild to moderate open angle glaucoma at […]

Jim Walz’s Cataract Story

The fishermen a lot of times throws a marker out in the water and you work around that and sometimes you get quite aways away from it. Well, the way it was before, I would look back and I couldn’t see that marker. I could see the waves. I had other people in the boat. […]

Dr. Vira Discusses Cataract Surgery on Atl & Co – Milan Eye Center

– Doctor welcome back so good to see you. – Thanks for having me back here. – And Kathy nice to meet you – Good to be here. – And to get your great story in just a bit. But first doctor, there might be people out there who they know of cataracts but they […]

Does Castor Oil Help with Cataracts?

– Welcome everyone, hey. Does mom really, always know best? – Yes – If it’s your mom, for sure! – Almost always But today we are fact checking on her because this is our segment called Stuff My Mom Forwards Me. (audience claps) And you know mom’s sometimes forwards things that aren’t always right. We […]

চোখে ছানি পড়া । cataract | What are Cataracts 2017

Can cataracts come back?

The answer in short is no. The full cataract will never come back. However, when we remove the cataract, we leave the original, natural container of the crystalline lens, which is used to wrap up and support the artificial plastic lens. This container is made of fibers and new cells can proliferate on the back […]

Dr. Dia – Taking action against Glaucoma

Dr Dia, thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Why is it important to take action against glaucoma in Africa? First of all, I would like to thank you and the entire team for asking me to take part in this workshop, I feel really honoured. To answer your question on glaucoma – in […]

How does the cataract procedure work?

[Music] So how does the cataract procedure work? Well first of all, a cataract is when the lens that lives behind the coloured part of the eye goes from being a crystal-clear droplet of water to a little bit hazy and a little bit frosty and it can give symptoms of blurred vision despite using […]

7 Early Warning Signs of Cataracts

7 Early Warning Signs of Cataracts 1. Cloudy vision The most obvious way to determine if the eyes may be affected by cataracts is cloudy vision, or the appearance of fuzzy spots in the field of vision. At first this may seem intermittent or fairly minor, but over time the cloudiness can worsen, making daily […]

Prevent Glaucoma and See 27 Miles Farther

Prevent Glaucoma and See 27 Miles Farther Glaucoma is a deterioration of our optic nerve, the nerve that connects our eyes to our brain, and is second only to cataracts as the world’s leading cause of blindness. The weird thing is that we still don’t know what causes it, and so there’s a desperate search […]