Duke Medicine Profiles: Leon W. Herndon Jr., MD

“Glaucoma Tests” Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. David D. Richardson

Hello. My name is Dean. I went to see my new optometrist approximately 14 months ago he had suggested I may have some type of issue with glaucoma. I spoke to a radiologist friend of mine at San Gabriel Valley, and he recommended Dr. Richardson. When I came here, I was a little apprehensive. I […]

Ophtalmology : Glaucoma | Dr Norazlina Bachik Ng, KPJ Centre for Sight

I’m Dr Azlina binti Bachik, Consultant Opthalmologist Interior segment and reflected surgery KPJ Pusat Pakat Mata Centre for Sight Thank you doctor. That’s the first question. What is Glaucoma? The Glaucoma is actually a very blinding condition, it causes permanent lightness And it is often called the silent thief of sight Simply because most of […]

Alexandria’s Adventures in Cataract Surgery

Hi Alexandria here, just doing a short video because I had cataract surgery four days ago. And while I can see really well; the surgery went very well and eyesight is exceptional, in the operated eye, it’s actually quite tiring to work the two of them together. So this is a quick video to tell […]

Cataract Surgery: Here’s What To Expect

Has your vision become cloudy, foggy or blurry over the years? Have you recently been diagnosed with cataracts by an eye care professional? If so, you may be a candidate for cataract surgery. Before your cataract surgery, your surgeon will answer any questions you have and go over your best options to meet your visual […]