What you need to know about pediatric glaucoma

Jalen Chase Powell has glaucoma. He’s 5. Seems a little young for that. In some kids, very uncommonly, the drain of the eye, the natural drain of the eye, doesn’t form correctly. It clogs up and doesn’t drain properly causing the pressure to go up. It’s called pediatric glaucoma and while uncommon it can be […]

Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Types of Glaucoma

Well, let’s talk for a moment about differing styles of Glaucoma. I think, sometimes, people have the misunderstanding that Glaucoma is a one entity. And, there’s actually many different types of Glaucoma and, you know, we have congenital Glaucoma, we have Glaucoma that can happen as a result of trauma. But, the majority of population, […]

A New Vision for Those with Rare Blindness Condition | Tufts Medical Center

Tomorrow Christine Steves is having surgery; the first step in a process that could allow her to do something she hasn’t done in four years: see. I’m not looking for big surprises I just want little things you know maybe see the outline of my kids faces or just putting a pair of bright colored […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Glaucoma | McFarland Clinic

A frequent question is, “Am I going to lost my vision? Am I going to go blind?” Luckily in this day and age, this is a very rare condition. We typically don’t lose vision and go blind from glaucoma–as long as we diagnose it early enough, as long as we treat it properly, and as […]

See through My Eyes | A Low Vision Simulation

hello everyone welcome back to legally blind I am very excited about this video because I have literally been thinking for years about how best to show people who ask me what my eyesight is like or what the world looks like to me and I have finally figured out a way to actually show […]

Life is Wonderful with These New Low Vision Glasses! – Richard M.

So what do you think of these glasses? I think they are great! Can you see better? I can see really well with them doctor, thank you very much. As I said earlier, thank you for giving me a good life. A new life. You think it will come in handy for your everyday life? […]

Microsoft Seeing AI vs. Be My Eyes | Low Vision Apps

Today we’re making lunch with the help of two free iPhone applications and to make things interesting we’re gonna do it blindfolded. This is Power On. The kitchen. For a lot of people with limited vision, the kitchen may seem like a place you’d want to avoid. But today, we’re gonna use a couple of […]