Uveitis is a general term that describes a group of inflammatory diseases that can cause damage to the eye and loss of vision. It can affect patients of all ages but primarily affects people between 20 and 60 years of age. If inflammation occurs in the front portions of the eye, called anterior uveitis, patients […]

Glaucoma vision restoration- Patient feedback from Mr. Robinson

Mein Name ist Steve Robinson, Ich komme aus Villages in Florida Und das ist meine Frau Jenny. Wir sind aus dem fernen Florida hier her nach Magdeburg gekommen weil wir vom SAVIR-Center gehört haben. Wir waren von der Behandlung beeindruckt Und wir entscheiden uns sie auszuprobieren. Bei mir wurde letztes Jahr ein Glaukom diagnostiziert. Vor […]

NB Live 2014: NB Columnist Suzie Simons on losing her sight – full speech

Male: We’re going to start off with a personal story from Suzie Simons who works in the RNIB’s resource centre, among many other things. She’s a columnist for NB, so I’m sure many of you will have read her articles in that. So where we are, here’s Suzie, give her a round of applause. Suzie […]

Cataract Surgery in NY- If You Go Blind, Do You Have Valid Case? Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

The patient had only a slight cataract and the doctor reassured her that if she had the cataract surgery everything would be fine. Well, it wasn’t fine. She went in for cataract surgery, came out blind. Does she have a case? You want to learn the answer? Come join me as I share with you […]

Baby has Glaucoma Eye Surgery 馃憗馃彞

– [Tim] Good morning, Livia. It’s time for your eye surgery. We gotta go to the hospital. There you go. Come on. (happy upbeat music) – I thought going through a second surgery with Livia would be easier than the first time for me. But me, trying to stuff away my emotions with it, and […]

“She Never Needed Cataract Surgery” NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Oginski Explains

Zoey Undergoes Cataract Surgery

Today was an exciting day for us. We came in to perform a bilateral cataract surgery on Zoey, your little sea lion here. It was exciting for me because Zoey came from the Marine Mammal Center. She was stranded on the beaches in California in 2012 and we rehabbed her and got her healthy again. […]

Cataract Surgery Screwup Results in BLINDNESS; NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Oginski Explains

She went blind because an eye doctor miscalculated the power of the lens that was going to be used for cataract surgery. Want to know how this happened? Come join me for a moment as I share with you this remarkable story. Hi. I’m Gerry Oginski. I’m a New York Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury […]

Accessibility in the Innovation Lab – The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

My name’s Ian Stenseng, and I’m Director of Accessibility and Training for The Lighthouse for the Blind, Incorporated. I’m responsible for a variety of duties, management of our technical training programs, the Computer Training Program, and the Technology Training Center. As well as our Braille instruction program and Braille Reading Library and our Accessibility program. […]

A Man Goes in for Cataract Surgery & Comes Out Blind – NY Malpractice Attorney Nicholas Warywoda

A gentleman goes in for cataract surgery and ends up blind. Hi. My name is Nichols Warywoda, I’m with Parker Waichman. Let me tell you a little bit about my client. I represented a gentleman who went in for cataract surgery and during the surgery the doctor screwed up. He ended up improperly placing the […]