Pupil Premium: Babington Community College

I’m here as part of a trip that we have been running from Babington Community College, which is all around the Pupil Premium. All students, two terms ago, were told that there was this chance of an all expenses paid trip to London and they were challenged to be the top ten in Year 7, […]

Renfrew High School pupils on SQA work placement – Stephen, Iona & Abbie

Working with people I wouldn’t normally work with. I liked seeing what it’s like to work in SQA. I liked that they are hearing other peoples’ opinions and are willing to change and be different.

Sahar Bedrood, MD, PhD – What Causes Glaucoma?

So glaucoma, we don’t exactly know what causes it but there are a number of risk factors. Age is a risk factor for glaucoma. A family history is a risk factor. Certain characteristics of your nerve when we look at it and examine it under the slit lamp can show risk factors. High eye pressure […]

Ysgol Olchfa School – Disgyblion a staff / Staff and pupils

Headteacher – Hugh Davies “Way back in 2005 really we began to think that possibly the children at Key Stage Three weren’t getting the curriculum that they needed. We felt that the pupils who were being churned out of the school at the other end in the sixth form perhaps lacked independence and resilience as […]

Pupils from Crofton Anne Dale Junior School

Building sites are dangerous they are not playgrounds Don’t ignore signs, fences and safety barriers there’re for your own protection Don’t touch liquids or materials you don’t know if they’re poisonous Ladders and scaffolding are death traps Tools and equipment can cause injuries Vehicles can kill keep off them You mustn’t even go near vehicles […]

How removing cataracts can improve glaucoma | Ohio State Medical Center

For a glaucoma provider, you know, cataracts are important too. Removing cataracts can actually help improve your intraocular pressure control just by having them removed. In addition to that, there are other types of glaucoma that, in particular, people with high degrees of refractive error, thick glasses, are predisposed to and removal of cataracts in […]

Norovirus outbreak hits 60 schools with health officials called in and pupils sent home – Live News

AN OUTBREAK of norovirus has hit 60 schools with some forced to close their doors, it’s reported  Health officials were called in after hundreds of children were off sick across the North East of England this week  Local authorities are working with Public Health England’s health protection team due to the high number of absences […]

Ashtang hridayam | अष्टाङ्गहृदयम् में क्या बताया है महर्षि वाग्भट ने 👌🙏🎇

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Mark Sims on quality and outcomes for EAL pupils

I’m often asked what Ofsted is ‘looking for’ when inspectors go into schools. Are they looking for provision for EAL children to be in the mainstream classes, or is withdrawal better for them? Well, Ofsted’s position is that we don’t have a preferred way in which EAL learners are taught. What’s important are the outcomes. […]