Stem Cell Research & Aniridia – Sajjad Ahmed – Cornea Connect 2019

[Sajjad] All patients with any stem cell loss were put into two groups – the two groups that I’ve discussed with stem cells and without stem cells. And everyone was randomised, which meant that no-one knew which arm you were going into of the trial. And most of the patients with aniridia went into the […]

PAX6 & The Cornea: An Eye To The Future

Thank you very much for inviting me to this conference. You will excuse me if I skip the first slides a bit too fast, mainly because Mariya touched upon some issues anyway, so elegantly, much better than I could do, and because we are running out of time. So I will try to make it […]

Research into Possible Drug Treatments for Aniridia (Q&A)

[Mariya] There is a new technology that is available for vision science, which is using stem cells from an actual patient. So from a clinical perspective what we do is we can take a very small sample of skin from them, and we can convert their skin cells into stem cells, as you saw in […]