Teacher who fed live puppy to turtle in front of pupils is cleared of cruelty – News Live

A teacher who fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of his terrified students has been found not guilty of animal cruelty. Robert Crosland, a science teacher at Preston Junior High School in the US state of Idaho, had been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty back in June. The puppy had deformities […]

Why Killer Whales Are APEX Predators!

From having their own language to hunting down great white sharks, these mega marine mammals are at the top of the food chain. Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Killer Whales. 7. Why is the Killer Whale called an Orca? Both of the names come from the fear that this animal has instilled […]

Addy Undergoes Cataract Surgery

So Addy stranded in California in June of 2013 and when she stranded she was massively malnourished. So she only weighed about 22 pounds when she was a year old when she should have been twice that big. At the time that she stranded they found she had a cataract in her eye and she […]

Scientist Gains Vision Underwater

(birds cawing) – When I was a child I was severely myopic from who knows what age. I didn’t know that you could see leaves on a tree from the ground. But something happened before I got glasses and that was that I was let loose with a mask and snorkel. (water bubbling) For the […]

Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom | Animal in Crisis EP22

A mother cat stands in front of her child A kitten is behind the mother cat Something is on his eyes I guess a stray cat gave birth to kittens in here The kitten gets closer to his mom As his eyes are covered with the scab he can’t find his mom’s breast For the […]

How Ticks Dig In With a Mouth Full of Hooks | Deep Look

The hills are alive … with silent, waiting ticks. Their bites can transmit bacteria that cause Lyme disease, and other things that can make us very sick. Protected by these palps is a menacing mouth covered in hooks. First she has to find a host. She can sense animals like us by the carbon dioxide […]

What Would Happen If Pigeons Went Extinct?

hello my friends and welcome back to life’s biggest questions I’ll be your host Jared Bronstein and before we start today’s video make sure you are subscribed to the channel and click that bell so you could have the answers before anyone else as always make sure you drop some comments below with a question […]

Most SURPRISING Ways Animals Help Us Treat Diseases!

From purring cats with healing properties to scorpions that can help us find brain tumors, here are 10 amazing ways animals help us treat diseases… 10. Pets & Autism Last year, there were many scientific and academic papers published finding evidence that having a pet greatly benefits people with mental health issues. But if you […]


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How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look

This is the deadliest animal in the world. Mosquitoes kill hundreds of thousands of people each year… the most vulnerable people: children, pregnant women… No other bite kills more humans… or makes more of us sick. So what makes a mosquito’s bite so effective? For starters, they’re motivated. Only females bite us. They need blood […]