The Secret Spy Glasses

So every once in a while I let Jack pick an item to be featured here on the show Is it a terrible idea? I think so. You might too. To let Jack do anything in fact Surprised this place hasn’t burned down So what does he do with all of that freedom to select […]

2016 Obermeyer Zermatt Womens Jacket Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi I’m Brigitte and this is Slope Style. I’m here with Lisa from Obermeyer and we’re going to talk about the womens Zermatt Jacket. Which is out of your premium line, and I have got to say just looking at it i want to go skiing right now, it has so many awesome features to […]

The CERA 2016 Annual Summary

Hello I’m Jonathan Crowston, Managing Director for the Centre for Eye Research Australia. So what did CERA do in 2016? Well, we’ve got a minute to tell you… Our 135 staff, 22 students, 21 PhDs and 1 Masters. Won 24 competitive grants totalling $5.21 million dollars. Had partnerships with dozens of Universities all over the […]

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR

magine you were alive back in the 1980’s, and were told that computers would soon take over everything: from shopping, to dating, and the stock market, that billions of people would be connected via a kind of web, that you would own a handheld device, orders of magnitudes more powerful than supercomputers. It would seem […]