Jjrc jjpro // Kylin Vision DVR mod with dvr osd- extra power imput= 2s battery and dc plug idea

At the end of the video or in the description you can find the wiring diagram and the installation pictures of the modification here i am gonna show you the googles working with the normal 1s lipo Battery first when i power on the OSD of the Eachine dvr shows up first and with the […]

Can you solve this famous logical puzzle about people with green eyes?

Can you solve this famous logical puzzle about people with green eyes? Can you solve this famous logical puzzle about people with green eyes? Imagine there’s an island where a mad dictator holds 100 people captive, and all of them are great mathematicians. They can’t escape, but there is one strange rule governing their captivity. At night, any prisoner is allowed […]

الصف الرابع |المنهاج الأردني |الوحدة 11

Учим английские слова: двойные значения слов pupil / reservation, английский словарь

Hello friends! Today we will take a look at multiple meaning words and first word will be Pupil The definition of the first value sounds like A young student under the care of a teacher translation of definition so it’s pupil look at example Her pupils are very well behaved translation to russian pupil – […]

SYML – “Clean Eyes (Acoustic)” [Official Video]

(“Clean Eyes” by SYML) (soft melodic music) ♪ Picture yourself in a room full of broken glass ♪ ♪ Blood on the pieces, the pieces you can’t put back ♪ ♪ A little white light in a sea gone black ♪ ♪ My head is the room and the room’s full of broken glass ♪ […]

Why Do We Get Eye Boogers?

I like to think the boogers that wield your eyes shut in the morning is your body’s way of saying you don’t need to open them for 5 more minutes. Hi everyone, it’s Julian here for you at DNews. Ok, so they aren’t actually boogers, but you know that crusty stuff in the corner of […]

My Straight Eyebrow Crash Course! Everything You Need to Know!

Hey everybody, it is qcknd and the day has come I am talking about my eyebrows you guys may have noticed that suddenly I have straight pointy eyebrows and That is because I shaped them for a video that I never put out So so because that video hasn’t come out you guys are probably […]

We dyed his eyebrows BRIGHT RED! 😂

– Are you laughing at me or my eyebrows? Bro, what did you do? How am I looking so far? (camera guy laughing) I look dope? Why you smiling, bro? – What do you think’s going on here? – You made them twice the size or something. – (laughs) Twice the size. You’re gonna like […]

School pupils share what life’s like growing up LGBT+ today

The law on homosexuality changed in 1967 but fifty years on these youngsters say many still face discrimination because of their sexuality. I think it’s still a really common experience because before I came out I was reading about it online because it’s the only thing I had because I didn’t have this kind of […]

Find out how Read&Write help pupils at Richmond school with their worl

The pupils like the fact that they can, um, engage with more complicated text that they perhaps can’t read by themselves and they also have benefited from being able to listen back to what they’ve written and improve it. Some students have actually made levels of progress because their written work they’ve been able to […]