School Nurse Professional Pupil Services Licensure

The Ohio State University’s School Nurse Professional Pupil Services Licensure Certificate will prepare you to apply for the Ohio Department of Education School Nurse License. Through this online certificate, you’ll be taught by College Of Nursing Faculty with expertise in school nursing, who will help expand your knowledge and skills in promoting school health and […]

Korean traditional foods prove effective in alleviating macular degeneration, prevent \\

It looks like researchers have found some hints for curing incurable diseases. Recent studies show that ginseng and Kimchi are effective in alleviating hard-to-treat eye conditions and preventing dermatitis. Park Se-young reports. Macular degeneration is caused by the accumulation of debris in the back of the eye. Sufferers experience a gradual worsening of vision… and […]

Growing up with arthritis: Simon’s journey to finding a career

My name is Simon. I’m 21, I’m at university and I have got juvenile idiopathic arthritis. My Mum had arthritis, but a different type so it was osteoarthritis I was three at the time and she noticed that one toe and one finger were starting to look a little bit miss-formed so she took me […]

Coping with Glaucoma

Ben: The best things in life? One of them is my work. I’ve always gotten a lot of satisfaction from that. And my family — they’re the most important thing. And baseball — oh, yes, baseball! The game has always been a big thing with me, especially now since my boy has begun to play. […]

What is Vision Impairment? – Vision Awareness Training Part One

What is vision impairment Causes of sight loss My visual impairment is called congenital nystagmus and I’ve had it since I was born and it’s an involuntary eye movement. Because I’m partially sighted I do have a good level of vision, so I can see around me but I just need adaptations. Working in a […]

Laser Trabeculoplasty for Glaucoma

Let’s move on to the Surgical Treatments. You’re going to start with the FDA-approved surgical treatments— laser and incisional is what’s available here. In terms of laser treatments, we’ve got Iridotomy, Iridoplasty, Trabeculoplasty, and Cyclodestructive Procedures. Iridotomy, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on that – we poke a hole on the […]

Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Types of Glaucoma

Well, let’s talk for a moment about differing styles of Glaucoma. I think, sometimes, people have the misunderstanding that Glaucoma is a one entity. And, there’s actually many different types of Glaucoma and, you know, we have congenital Glaucoma, we have Glaucoma that can happen as a result of trauma. But, the majority of population, […]