Kevin & Janice, Glaucoma | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

Kevin & Janice, Glaucoma | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

Glaucoma is an eye disorder that I was diagnosed
with about a year and a half ago where I started the pressures in my eyes were built
up so much that I lost the optic nerve in my left eye. They said once the nerve is gone
then the nerve is gone and you cannot bring it back. I got the news and I walked to my
car and I grabbed my passport and I drove to the airport. I sat in front of the airport
for an hour with my passport contemplating just leaving and not dealing with it and it
was just deteriorating and kept on going. So I made the conscious decision to stay and
there wasn’t really any options that the doctors had given me besides: use this medication
to keep everything at bay, other than that there was, that was it. There wasn’t anything
further. The option with stem cells and the options to come to Thailand came from a phone
call from my dad. When I saw Kevin’s sight deteriorating,
we were left with no option and I started to research it. I was looking for something that
was going to get Kevin’s eyesight better and there was only one option for me, which
was stem cells and looking at Beike obviously confirmed in my mind the professionalism right
from the outset. My first reaction was I was a bit wary because it was unknown to me like everything and as he gave me more knowledge I became a bit more confident in it and I just made the decision that this is what I needed to
do because this is an option and before there was no option. Before I came for this treatment my left eye
had no vision. I was pretty black in that left eye and I couldn’t see. The right eye
was doing all the work and it was very restricted especially on depth perception, depth perception
was a really hard one for me. My peripherals were gone, they kind of went first on my right
and left. Since I started treatment here, I started to notice probably after the second
stem cell treatment, I started to notice in occupational therapy that there was some light
that started to come in. Then, over the last few weeks I started to notice the big one
was the peripheral started to come and now like that peripheral is so clear that when
they patch off my right eye and I am doing occupational therapy I can distinguish between
color and shadow and shapes and puzzles and things like that if I am looking from that
peripheral. The front is still blurry, but the peripheral is come back, almost, it has
come back really clear. I see it clearly, I just have to concentrate
and tilt my head and find that right angle, which wasn’t there before. This was black
before and now I can see, like I can see the squares, I can see this animal and stuff and
I can see where to place the square. Yeah. It kind of blew my mind the first day that
I noticed that because it surprised me, I was like okay, I never, yeah, it came out
of left field for me. Woman: Done?
Kevin: Yeah Woman: Okay good. Mhhm, very good.
Woman: Perfect! Kevin: Yay!
Woman: Yay! I am in Bangkok, Thailand with my wife, Janice,
who is here for a stem cell treatment because of her Glaucoma for her eyes. Janice had eye
problems right from basically when she was a young child. As she grew up the eyes got
progressively worse and worse and worse and five years ago actually she was diagnosed
with Glaucoma. I for sure did not know much about the disease at all and I always thought
that it was either treatable by drugs or something. Then ugh three months ago, going to her specialist,
the specialist basically informed her that her left eye is down to ten percent and that
it had dropped very quickly from what it was lets say six months prior and that her right
eye is reasonably well, but that there is no guarantee on how long it was going to last
and basically they do not have a treatment for it in Canada. For a few days we were just kind of lost and
said well okay I guess there is nothing we can do and then when we heard about Jack and
Kevin we were pretty excited and said okay well now we have something. Right from day
one as soon as we heard of it we were coming to Thailand, we were going to find a way to
get here and we did. We jumped on Kevin’s coattail and followed him down here basically and I am glad that we did that and I am glad that comforting to have someone here with
us. It just happened to work out that we were
both able to come at the exact same time and I am really grateful for that because no one
really knows what you are going through unless someone is going through it at the same time. So
it has been really amazing to have her here and grateful to have someone you can talk
to on that level. Okay very good! One morning Janice woke up and she covered
her right eye, which is her good eye and I am watching CNN as we do every morning and
on the bottom of the tv there is the writing and she was reading it with her left eye and
I was shocked. And then she took her eyes off and covered her bad eye and she could
not read it as good with her good eye as she was with her bad eye and that was after her
first two treatments I guess. So we were just in awe and happy and shocked and actually
a whole a bunch of mixed feelings went through our mind, but we did not want to jump up and
down and scream and yell, yet it was something and it was already happening. Even now in
doing her OT she can tell how much better her bad eye is and now she has had her three
treatments, one in each eye so we are really optimistic that things are changing. I know that the
next three to six months are really the important part of allowing the stem cells to grow, so
I definitely gained sight back in my peripheral so far and as long as I keep on doing the
work and keep feeding and the stem cells keep growing I am really feeling confident that
I am going to get more clarity coming through on the front of the eye. I can tell your hair
color now, before I couldn’t and now I can tell where your eyes are and before it was
just a silhouette. Leaving here I feel very confident, I feel
very pleased and happy that we came, we were treated well and the staff has done an outstanding
job and Beike has done an outstanding job for us and my wife feels the same way and
Kevin feels the same way. I believe you always have to have some hope
and once there is no more hope it is pretty depressing so we knew there was some chance
of a success. So we are really grateful and thankful that we came. My experience here has been absolutely amazing,
I didn’t know too much if anything about stem cells before this was brought to my attention
as a possibility to regain my eyesight. I have nothing but amazing things to say about
my entire experience here, from the hospital staff, to the care, to the doctors to the
professionalism of the entire procedure has just been really amazing. For those that are
seeking alternative methods for illnesses being, I said issues or being other issues
that come up and cannot find any conclusions to in your home country and are coming on to my story and are intrigued and want to find out more information, I really suggest
to just do your homework and don’t believe everything you know people are telling you.
It is often people put a lot of fear in when it’s unknown and you know I had a lot of
people trying to put fear into me because it is unknown even if they do not know anything
about it. So do your own research and make your own conclusions and just trust because
at the end of the day an option is an option and it is better than not having an option.

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  • Beike Biotech
    I am an advanced stage, narrow angle glaucoma patient. Diagnosed about a year ago. With much difficulty, (as you can imagine) I've been trying to research stem cell treatment for glaucoma. I don't want desperation to influence my decision to try proposed treatments for the disease. Your claims are very impressive.
    What is your view of the linked article?

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  • Hi!,my name is Jason. And my son came across you're video and he showed it to me. At the time of this message being sent to you im at the verge of total blindness and actually my son is the one who is typing this message to you i would really appreaciate if you can email me so that i can get in contact with you and get more infomation on you're treament in Thailand, i will send a message to you in you're inbox on my contact detail

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