Jurassic Park T-Rex Breakout

Jurassic Park T-Rex Breakout

Maybe it is the power trying to come back on? What is that? Where’s the goat? Ow Jesus ow Jees. He left us! He left us! Where does he think he’s going? When you got to go you got to go. Dr.Grant? Boy I had been right all the time. Keep absolutely still, his vision is based on movement.

100 thoughts on “Jurassic Park T-Rex Breakout

  • Astonishing how this film, made 22 years ago, contains the most brilliant pieces of CGI I've ever seen in cinema. Yes, even in today's movies. It holds up flawlessly, because it's just so damn real. Well done.

  • This movie was so scary to me as a kid, especially this scene. In reality, though, based on the studies of fossils, etc, that the T. Rex had fine vision that was not based upon movement alone. Additionally, raptors (and possibly other dinosaurs, including the T. Rex) had feathers.

  • It’s 2019 and even now after all these years this scene remains one of the greatest scenes in cinema history hands down.

  • I don’t know if this is an example of the Mandela effect, but I used to remember the movie showing the T-Rex swallowing Donald. Someone later pointed out to me he was never swallowed.

  • I love when the T-Rex lose control and no one can turn it off and the kids was in real danger it has to be a classic of all time

  • As you can see Speilberg is more crafty at setting up tension than the current series of Jurassic Park directors. That awesome fishbowl shot of the girl in the backseat, the sound of the rain as the soundtrack!

    Someday they will reboot the whole entire franchise and I hope they stick to the book which is also fabulous and somewhat different too. I would love to travel back to 1800s and show this to people and be like "this happened"

  • I'm so crazy about Steven Spielberg movie and in particular with that scene 1:58 that rusty door sound was also used in another movie! If you want to know wich movie is?? The answer is: We own the night!! Door scene

  • OK, so maybe someone can explain this to me. There are big dinosaurs, and then there are REALLY big ones, such as brontosaurus and brachiosaurus. So when the ground shakes and the earth rumbles, what would Occam's razor say is causing it? One that weighs seven tons, or one that weighs 85 tons? And yet, every single time, they guessed that it was the carnivore, and sure enough, every single time, they were right. Is that realistic?

  • The build up the suspense and u finally wanting to see it was so perfect it wasnt just instant in your face action steven Spielberg is amazing and the cgi for long range shots and the animatronic

  • I just finished listening to the audio book and holy hell, it was great listening to this scene in the original storyline. it almost made this scene seem inferior due to chaotic detail. and now, coming back to this scene. dangerously destructive to its own right, it is still amazing and iconic as it should be.

  • Notice how this scene uses absolutely no music to set the mood. The effects are a mix of CGI and puppetry, not JUST CGI. And yet to this day, this scene has some of these best atmosphere and pacing I have ever seen in a movie. The mood sets itself and the T-rex looks more real than any of the completely CGI dinosaurs in the current movies.

  • Saw this in the cinema for my 9th birthday, and had nightmares about it for weeks afterwards. At the time we were living in a house in the woods, and I refused to go outside after dark for a while because of what I thought was out there. Silly the things that get you when you're a kid 😀

  • The fucking ground vibrating gets me every time. Imagine being in that situation just hearing that knowing something huge is coming.

  • If Only T-REX should show up at Comic Con San Diego that would have been awesome if she was doing the Thump Thump  she turns the corner and there she is! All the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were GIRLS!  T-REXY is female!

  • Amazingly incredible scene so realistically The King is here baby what a badass best Dino in the entire franchise hands down

  • This scene is nothing short of great. Even just being curious Tyrannosaurus rex can cause horrifying amount of damage. Spielberg really manages to show how humongously big it is.

  • The pacing and tension of the entire scene, from the lead up to the reveal, the reveal, and afterwards, is an absolute masterclass.

  • 2:02 T-Rex comes out of here, the goat was on level ground here too, then it suddenly becomes a cliff? 🙂 🤔🤔

  • There was something so scary about this movie,you just cant describe it.The newer jurassic just doesnt have it.

  • Is the footsteps of T-Rex's low frequency resonance somewhere 50Hz? Thus giving him the false assumption of power is coming back?

  • For people wondering why this 1993 CGI looks better today, let me explain: the T-Rex in this scene is a human in a costume. The velociraptors are also dogs in a costume commanded to move in certain ways. Most of the Jurassic world movies are all CGI and less physical effects. If only Jurassic world would come back to using these classic effects.

  • Love the acting done by Joseph Mazzello(Tim) and Ariana Richards(Lex). Great start for these 2 young kids at the time. Joseph now age 36 and Ariana age 40. 😳 WOW how time flies.

  • Wouldn’t you think that with The Electricity Out From The Very Start That There Would Already Be Concern And Panic From Grant And The Kids Over The Very Fact That The T-Rex Could And Might Possibly Break Out Of It’s Pen Prior To When It Ended Up Doing So In The First Place ?????
    I Would !

  • So Now What If Lex Hadn’t Been Shining That FlashLight Around And Where Exactly Would The T – Rex Have Ended Up At And Would It Still Have Been Wondering Around The Area Outside Of It’s Paddock Or Would It Have Actually wondered straight off towards the Visitors Center And Velociraptor’s Paddock ????
    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ????

  • Theory time: T-Rexs have been proven to not roar like that but instead hum in a way that sends vibrations. It always bothered me how slowly the T-rex was moving based on the time between each vibration, counting its steps. What if, the T-rex could roar the way it does but it can also do the real world roar it does (the quiet vibrations), which is what the water is picking up. This, of course, is cancelled out by Dr. Malcolm later saying it was siesmic tremors later on but whatever

  • Very confusing. So the t rex sees the cars that don't move but it can't see the people in the car that moves. What the hell?

  • My mom was always one to fall asleep in theaters but she always raved about this movie and especially this scene. She says, "Oh man when that water started shaking I was like, Oh heck now what?" haha

  • The water scene was one of my favourite moments as a kid. I Used to do that thumping noise wity my drink because of Jurassic Park.

  • I love the part where gennaro runs into the bathroom and lands on the toiletike that that was unintentional and Spielberg kept it in.

  • I've just realized the first section of this breakout scene, when we hear the footfalls and see the water rippling, is the perfect rebuttal to all those filmmakers who think they need to deliberately withhold chunks of information to create suspense – we know exactly where the characters are and we know exactly what's headed for them.

  • I reaaaally fuckin cringed watching those kids get saved, I wished they weren’t, They started the escape and caused some deaths then their rescue cause fuckin lifes

  • Love how confident Grant is in his theory that T.rex can only detect movement despite never having studied a live specimen.

  • It still amazes me to this day to think that this animal a T-Rex and other dinosaurs were alive and roaming this planet at one one time long ago.

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