Jjrc jjpro // Kylin Vision DVR mod with dvr osd- extra power imput= 2s battery and dc plug idea

Jjrc jjpro // Kylin Vision  DVR mod with dvr osd- extra power imput=  2s  battery and dc plug idea

At the end of the video or in the description you can find the wiring diagram and the installation pictures of the modification here i am gonna show you the googles working with the normal 1s lipo Battery first when i power on the OSD of the Eachine dvr shows up first and with the botton 3 way switch you can choose from the direct input of the RX reciever or the DVR OSD when you are flying i recommend you to use the direct input from the VTX as the DVR has some lag due to the image processing of the DVR itself as you can see i shrink wrapped the cables with blak shrink to avoid the cables to be seen from the inside and also its used to adjust the cover to the cables in order to avoid accidental pulling here you can see the 3 way switch that i installed in order to choose the power input,or from the internal 1s battery or from the coax connector that i installed. you can see the detail of the connector later i made a cable, from a dc power supply using one end with the male of the coax cable, and at the other end , i soldered a female XT60 and shrinked it to avoid shorts and protect it here you can see the female entry of the coax cable, i positioned it here in order to avoid long cables in the front of the googles, its convinient it powers up as normal…. with the 2S battery. now lets try it with the dc adaptor here i used a 5v 2 amps adaptor, but any lower shoud work, the googles are rated at 300 Ma or 0.3 A so pretty low Consumption… give me a second here… Wrong button pressed… now i realised that was the wrong button, and it works! i want to advise you 2 things: DO NOT CONNECT ANY HIGHER VOLTAGE BATTERY THAN A 2S OR YOU WILL BURN YOUR GOOGLES UP 2ND: DO NOT POWER THE DVR DIRECTLY FROM THE 2S BATTERY OR YOU WILL BURN IT. only the googles have an integrated voltage regulator, the DVR don´t have it Thanks for watching and look at my other video of installation components pics link in description, Leave a comment below in case of doubts

3 thoughts on “Jjrc jjpro // Kylin Vision DVR mod with dvr osd- extra power imput= 2s battery and dc plug idea

  • Awesome mods.. I am looking forward to do the same and I already have all parts on the bench. I have some questions though…
    Did you just connect the 2S 7.4v LiPo straight to the googles or u r using a buck converter to bring voltage down?
    Could you post high res pictures of the wiring connections so we know exactly where to solder?

    Good work buddy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • if i follow the wiring diagram to use a switch with 3 poles all I have to do is activate that switch i make and dont have to press the record button on the DVR itself correct? I ask because i want to take the DVR module out of its case and install it in the battery compartment. I am also going to make my own 18650 2S battery with 2.1mmx5.5mm connectors. I want a clean install and factory look. I don't want to have to push any of the buttons on the DVR but hide it away in the compartment. But you said there is lag when flying?

  • Hi mate it looks stunning it would be nice to get video where u connect all the wires in Google's it self diagram is not that helpful for noobs like me ๐Ÿ˜‰ also I have questions can I use 3S lipo and add voltage regulator to go down from 12.6v to 7.5v will that work or not? Thanks

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