How To Hand-Make Eyewear From Acetate

9 thoughts on “How To Hand-Make Eyewear From Acetate

  • Success in one practice, hooray 👏🥳. Good model and nice frame color choice, I like it. We will wait for your next video! ☺️
    By the way, what is the price of a sheet of acetate?

  • WOW this is amazing than you for sharing this video I really enjoyed watching it until the end and the result is fantastic. I just have a question sir where can I find the acetate "thing" ? I don't know what its called sorry.

  • Guys , I watched the video to the end and had a great time. Thanks. I don't even know why I started to watch the video, I'm far from even a remote interest in making eyewear but I always loved making various stuff from scratch . Thanks for giving me 35 minutes of relaxing , enjoyable time. Cheers

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