How to Create a GREEN Smokey Eye for Hooded Eyes

How to Create a GREEN Smokey Eye for Hooded Eyes

– Sharing how I created
this makeup look today. (lively keyboard music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin, and
welcome back to my channel. Through my channel, my goal and mission is to help you look like the
very best version of yourself, each and every day,
and a big part of that, in addition to style,
which I talk about mostly, is beauty, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done a beauty video, and I felt like this was the perfect time, because this is the time of the year when I feel like kinda
pushin’ the envelope, tryin’ different things,
getting out of the rut, getting out of that
beauty rut of like, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown. So today, I’m gonna show you how I created this smoky
green eyeshadow look. This video is sponsored by Nordstrom, so huge thank you to Nordstrom
for sponsoring this video. I am gonna skip over most of the face and really focus in, narrow
in, zero in on those eyes. We can talk about technique,
and how to make them look a little lifted, and
bigger, and more open, when you have crepey,
aging, droopier skin. So I’m 44, almost 45, and I know that compared to like 50s, and 60s, and 70s, my eyes are great, right? But I’ve noticed that they are starting to get a little bit crepey,
or crepey-er, and droopier, especially here, this part is drooping, and so what that does is
it creates less lid space, so when you look straight forward, you hardly see any lid space,
and that’s called hooded eyes, and so there are strategies,
techniques that you can use in order to make it look like
your eyes are more lifted, and also that you have
more lid real estate, so I’m gonna walk you
through that process. So, let’s get started. Okay, before I dive into this look, I just wanted to share with you a few things that I did in prep. So, firstly, I did this Clarins mask. This one I found out about
through a friend of mine, her name’s Kathleen, and I’ll
put a link to her blog below, she’s a beauty blogger,
but anyway, so this is a really wonderful mask if you just feel like your face needs a
little bit of a glow, and just needs like a reboot, a refresh, and it’s called the V-Facial
Intensive Wrap by Clarins, so I did that. I also put on some foundation, and I use the Clinique Even Better makeup, and this one, I really feel
like is a dupe, a great dupe for this one by Chanel that’s
called Vitalumiere Aqua, and I like both so much
because it is light, it feels very hydrating and moisturizing. It is more of a liquid consistency, like literal liquid,
or watery, and this one also has built-in SPF 15,
but it evens and corrects without looking too cakey, so
this is the foundation I used. A couple of other things that I did, I did contour my face
slightly with this palette by Charlotte Tilbury, it’s the Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. I just dropped mine,
and so now it’s broken, which I’m really sad about,
’cause I’ve had it for so long. I know there’s a fix for this side, but I may just get a new
one, I love it so much. So that’s what I did for contouring, and then I did my eyebrows with my little Gimme Brow by Benefit. In my opinion, a dummy-proof
way to do your brows, the key is making sure that the brow goes out that far, just take a pencil, or a brush, go to the end of your nose, and make sure it goes out that far. I’ve seen a lot of women
have a brow that starts here, and that’s really gonna make
a big impact on your eye. You really wanna make sure that
it’s all the way out there. I did my lips as well, I used
a beautiful creamy shade. It’s Clinique, and it’s called Watermelon, and this is what this looks like, and I will put a link to that below. It’s sort of like your lip color, but just with a bit of
pink, a bit more pink in it. This is a lipstick by
Clinique, and you can see even by holding it up,
just how creamy it looks. It really does glide on, it’s very creamy, and then I layered a gloss over it. This one’s new, it’s by Charlotte Tilbury, it’s called Portobello
Girl, so this is just a really beautiful, light pink, and I wanted the lips to look really hydrated and moisturized, so I layered it over that Watermelon. So now I wanna do the eyes, and I wanna do a smoky green eye. I have eyes that are a
weird color, they sort of, sometimes they look blue,
sometimes they look green, sometimes they look gray, so
if I wear green eyeshadow, they really tend to look
green, and I love that look, and I also just love colored shadows, I get so bored of browns,
browns, browns, browns, browns. Like, isn’t it kinda boring after a while? I like to mix things up, and especially with the spring season, with spring and summer here, you know, I just wanna add something that’s a little bit more of fresh, and a pop to the makeup look. So I’m gonna start by priming the lid, and you can use a brush or a sponge, but I’m just gonna use
my fingers for this, because it is such a delicate area, and I feel like just
that little bit of warmth from your fingertips
really helps it blend in, and I do that all the
way up to the brow bone. (exotic keyboard music) And I haven’t done concealer yet, I’ll do that at the
end, it’ll also help me clean up any loose shadow that might fall underneath the eye. For this tutorial, I’m going to use the Two Faced Sweet Peach palette. It is one of my all-time favorites. I have most of the Two Faced palettes, and they are all sort
of known for the scents, so this one smells like peach. There are others that
smell like chocolate, but this is one of my favorites, because it does have green
tones, and also brown tones, and I love that about it. Starting out, I want to
just sort of prime my lid with a light color. I don’t wanna go with the
really light color here, which I use a lot of, obviously. I’m gonna go with this one,
which is called Peaches & Cream. (exotic keyboard music) And next, I’m gonna use
the color, Bless Her Heart, and I’m gonna define the
crease with that color, and that’s gonna be the
color I use the most of, because that is really
this bright, bright green, it’s a beautiful green,
so I’m just dabbing here, and then I’m gonna blow on it, (exhales loudly) just to get any excess. I wanna close the eye, and then here, I’m gonna kinda just draw a line up, so see, here’s where my eye ends, and I cheated in a little bit. (exotic keyboard music) And that’s what’s gonna help
lift your hooded eye a bit. (exotic keyboard music) Again, I could’ve started
a little bit more, but I really cheated it in. (exotic keyboard music) I also, see, my natural
crease is a little bit lower. I’m also cheating the crease. (exotic keyboard music) And that’s super dark, but don’t worry, I’m gonna blend it (laughs). You’re like, “Whoa.” (exotic keyboard music) It’s really like almost, it’s a little bit diagonal, but it really is almost
straight up and down, and here’s where, if you
need to pull on the skin to get it straight, go ahead
and just pull on the skin. I see some people, I
think it’s just the brush, but with this brush, I really
need to go in one direction, I can’t go back and forth. I love this brush, though. I’m gonna take that same brush, and I am going to put a little bit of Bless Her Heart underneath,
and kind of connect that line I just made underneath. I’m using a really light touch here, ’cause I don’t want it to be super dark on the lower lash line. I want it to be really light,
just a hint of the green. Now, I’m gonna take a
little bit of this color, which is a really dark
green, it may be hard to see, it almost looks black,
it’s called Tempting. Same brush, I’m just gonna go in and kind of stipple a
little bit on the top, just darken the crease a little bit, pressing it into the crease. So remember, dark colors recede, and light colors pop out, and
make something come forward, so the idea being, if
you have hooded eyes, and you have mature
eyes, and you don’t have that much real estate on your lid, if you do a lighter color on your lid, that should make that
stand out a bit more, make it look bigger, and if you do a darker color in crease, that makes it more defined and recede, so you just have to be
mindful of that formula when you’re applying your eyeshadow. Okay, now I’m gonna use
the big fluffy brush and blend this out,
because it is very dark, and scary for me, this
is way scary (laughs). You notice I’m going in the direction, in this direction toward
my nose, toward the socket. The reason I’m going in this direction, and not this direction is because I really wanna keep this
line here the way it is. Remember, that was purposely drawn and cheated in a little bit so it would lift this
way, and lift the eye up. (exotic keyboard music) I’m also blending some
of the color this way so it cheats out more,
a bit more into the lid. (exotic keyboard music) If you want to mellow this
out a little bit more, and I think I do, because it’s
a little bit severe for me, I’m gonna go back in with Georgia here, which is a little bit
pinker than Peaches & Cream, and I’m gonna go back in with Georgia and kind of tone it down a little bit. Can you see the difference? This is the eye that’s toned
down, that’s not (laughs). I’m gonna take my pencil brush and do a highlight in the inner corner. For that highlight in the inner corner, I’m gonna use this color
here, it’s called White Peach. (exotic keyboard music) I’m gonna add that same color
to the brow bone to highlight. (exotic keyboard music) I’m a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, and the reason being is that it makes creating
that really fine line on the upper lash kind of dummy-proof once you get the hang of it, it’s not dummy-proof in the beginning, but once you learn how to use it, it makes that very thin
line across the top, which is great, because then
it creates that illusion that you have more space here. If you do a really thick line, you’re going to cheat into
that prime lid real estate, so you wanna make sure that
you do something really thin, but today, I’m gonna use that same color that I put into the crease,
that dark green called Tempting, and I’m gonna line the
eye with that color. You know, the key here is if
you’re gonna do a shadow liner, you need to have the right brush. You want to have something
that’s angled, like this, and a little bit stiff. This is the color I’m gonna line with, this color called Tempting. Okay, I’m gonna put a little
bit in the water line, so you can either kind
of rub it back and forth, (exotic keyboard music) with your eye almost closed,
or you can just lift the eye a little bit, and do it like this. (exotic keyboard music) So, I’m also going to
create a bit of a wing with that same color, Tempting, so that it lifts the eye even more. I’m gonna start with
the actual wing itself, so I make sure that I place it right, and it’s sort of just following
that same original line I created with the shadow, and I want to make a little mini triangle. (exotic keyboard music) Notice I made the triangle on this side, I didn’t go further out, because again, we wanna cheat it in so
that you can add more lift. I’m gonna go up a little higher, ’cause did you see when I opened my eye, it sagged a little bit? And so by going higher,
I’m gonna get more lift. (exotic keyboard music) You see that line? So it really links up with
that end of the brow, here, and it matches up with
this same original line that I created with the
shadow for the crease. And now, instead of making
the triangle, you know, that way, I’m gonna make
the triangle this way. (exotic keyboard music) And I did do the water line on the top, but I can go back in and
just get a bit of the shadow on the upper lash line, but again, I want that line really thin. (exotic keyboard music) Okay, so that looks really dark and crazy, and so I’m gonna go back in
and blend that out a lot more. This time, I’m gonna use kind of a really fluffy blending brush that will enable me to go
kind of in a circular motion without pulling on the skin. (exotic keyboard music) I want to curl my lashes,
which is an integral step if you want your eyes to
look bigger, more lifted, have more pop, it’s a
very quick and easy step. My favorite eyelash curler is
this one by Charlotte Tilbury, but there may be one that works
better for your eye shape, or that you prefer. This one is my go-to. Then I’m gonna finish off
the eyes with mascara, of course, we need mascara. This one is by MAC, I will
put a link to it below. I’ll put links to everything below, so you don’t have to think about, well what shade did she use,
and what colors did she use? And you can always do a more
toned-down version of this. You don’t have to go in as heavy as I did with that darker Tempting color, so if you just stayed
with the Bless Her Heart and maybe a tiny bit of the Tempting, you’re gonna get a much lighter effect, so only go in with as
much of that deep color as you’re comfortable with. I like this mascara because
it really separates, and it really gets every single lash. It also is great for the lower lashline. I always coat the corners
more than anything else, because I feel like that, again,
gives you a lot more lift. Gosh, do we make the weirdest faces when we’re doing makeup? I’m just realizing, I’m
going like this (laughs). So here’s the final look, this smokey, sultry green eyeshadow look, just something different to
add to your beauty routine when you wanna mix things up, try something new, and
fresh, and different, and I will take it a step further and wear green with the shadow just to really make everything
pop, make the eyes pop, and I do feel like when
you wear green shadow, and you have that greenish colored eye, or eyes that can be green like mine, sort of like chameleon eyes,
then when you wear the green and the green shadow, it
really makes your eyes look super green and pop. You guys know I’ll put all links in the description box
below for you to check out, including the colors, as well
as the products that I use that I didn’t necessarily
talk about that much, like the foundations, and the lipsticks, and that kinda thing. If you have any questions,
as always, comment below. If you like this video,
and I hope that you did, please hit that Subscribe button. You guys are awesome, thank
you so much for watching, and I will see you next time, ‘bye. (exotic keyboard music)

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