How Does Night Vision Work?

How Does Night Vision Work?

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  • Thanks for the video.
    Could you please cover "why can't we explore more of our planet with all the in technological advances we have as a spices or are we being kept in the dark from government because if we knew what this world holds throughout history we could potentially use the info against the power that be" also were ment too believe the ocean is only 13% mapped and explore o_0 someone want all the pirates gold too themselves it seem lol …!

  • I got a subject ! Muscle growth in training ? Like bodybuilding ?
    Or how sweat works and what does it do etc

  • I think an episode about how to find out the type of matter with it's light reflection,
    will be a good idea.

  • Satellites, Planets & Sun have there own gravity force. That's why Satellites revolving around Planet, Planets revolving around Sun etc. I think gravity force of Sun is more powerful than the gravity force of Planets, that's why it's holding Neptune & Pluto. Why Sun's gravity not able to hold the Moon? What force make Satellites, Planets & Sun sipn on axis?

  • you could maybe explain why female and male faces look different. I don't understand that because we have the genitals to tell us apart, why do our faces have to be different.

  • Question: DNA sampling using a cheek swab. How does the test isolates the Human DNA from all the other DNA from bacteria that also live inside the mouth?

  • Take diode from your remote control connect battery (3V or less) to it. Then tape it to the camera that it "lights" to the sight of view. Turn on the camera and walk into dark room. Viola. Your night vision googles.

  • IR is a nice technology but it has nothing to do with night vision, you can totally use it in day light. Night vision is purely visible spectrum amplification, that can be either active or passive, depending on the system used.

  • how human's eyeball works?
    is DSLR camera Lens function similar to human eye?
    focus, defocus, zoom in, zoom out, deep/shallow depth of field, … etc.

  • I thought there was an Infrared light coming from the goggle and flash everywhere. Try this at home point your mobile phone camera on a remote controller you will see the LED blinking which you can't see your naked eye. It thought it was the concept

  • How does marijuana work? Or hell, any other drug. Drugs tend to have pretty interesting effects on how the brain functions, I'd love to hear about one of them from you guys.

  • Question, since image enhancement amplifies scarce amount of light, you wouldn't be able to see anything through it when there is absolutely no light at all, right?

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  • I'm honestly sorry that you have so few subscribers/views. This is high quality content, considering multiple factors that make a video, not just the information. Keep up the good work!

  • A question please : why we never landed back on the moon ??!!!!!!!!!!
    it was a big lie right ? , I believe that so

  • It would be great if u add subtitle in your videos.. because u speak too fast… and.. im from malaysia which is english isn't our main language. BUT all your video is good though. Gud job there

  • Im defently subbing u guys your the best I hope yall get 1 million soon because im getting smarter coz of you dug hehe thx guys for these vids

  • forgot to mention why night vision is typically green. It's because the human eye can distinguish shades of green better than any other color. Thought that was interesting and wanted to share though many probably already know. great vid!

  • Hello everyone here's something interesting, which got me thinking

    If I were in a room that was extremely dark, no windows,

    And now I have night vision goggles,

    If I have a mirror, could I see my reflection?, is it even possible? Could the night vision goggles prove useless when it comes to mirrors in the dark?

    Interesting thing to think about hey lol

  • Uh, ir night vision? Not thermal? Ya know those cameras with ir bulbs in the front? How does that work?

  • Her face is bullshit if she was standing in front of me i will spit on her face my dog look smarter then her and you should cover your face next

  • predator use thermal vision 😅, not night vision
    thermal sights -for detection
    night vision- for identification(like the blinkers of us army vest that can be seen when using night vision)

  • Can anyone explain to me what the high pitch sound when turning on the goggles? I ask because I am trying to understand if the headset is using an electrical capacitor. If anyone has an answer please respond.

  • The video was a very rapid overflight of night vision devices. You didn't cover the essential role of photo multipliers in the amplification of the available light, as well as the use of IR illuminators to increase the non-visible light. Don't be afraid to get a little more technical. You can also make these videos multi-part for those viewers that want to go into more depth.

  • Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover
    bad eyesight
    try Magonsi Simple Sight Expert (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got great results with it.

  • You should definitely cover next.
    ""How to catch a prowler on your yard that has night vision""
    Because that's why I'm looking up how Night Vision works

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