How Does LASIK Work?

How Does LASIK Work?

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  • Iwant to do it but ilive in syria and if a doctor made a mistake here there is no law ….so iwont to it unless itravel even tho in syria it costs 200$dollar only but iwont risk my eyes

  • Yeah, don’t do lasik. Read endmyopia to get rid of your glasses. It isn’t a ez fix btw, may take 3 years

  • I done lasik and went well but bit of complications with my right eye due to nerves and small eyelids took twice the time and felt bit of pain/burning/discomfort but nothing big, left didn't feel anything and half the time. Now i see pretty much 20/20 about a week later but right eye seems more cloudy which is slightly noticeable and little annoying they said this is normal and can take upto a month or more to heal, sharpen but i haven't seen much difference in the last week compared to my left feels perfectly fine and sharp. I still have blood clots and stuff on my eye from the suction but who knows. Anyone else have similar experience? Should i do my right eye again or why is ti cloudy? flap not placed or healed properly or laser did poor job due to nerves compared to left or?

  • I did it 2 years ago, and unfortunately I still experience haze around light which irritates me at night.

  • Let me get this strait. This guy who isn't even an optometrist is giving a video on how Lasik eye surgery works?

  • Here is a summary of the risks TWELVE months after LASIK with the Allegretto, AMO, and Nidek LASIK systems, the most recent FDA-approved systems (2014 – 2017). I led the FDA team of scientists in the 1990s that reviewed lasers for corneal refractive ablation procedures.

    LASIK reduces dependence on glasses for about 50% of patients. The other 50% are MORE dependent on glasses. One year after surgery LASIK patients have a 2% to 20% likelihood of having painful eyes, dry eyes, and vision distortions. LASIK corneas never completely heal resulting in 2% with sight-threatening ectasia, retinal detachments, recurrent corneal erosions, and other complications. Also, 20% – 40% will have dry eyes, painful eyes, and vision distortions persisting for years after surgery. A large percentage of LASIK patients have difficulty with daily visual tasks, at least 2% but probably much higher.

  • What if I don't want to wear glasses anymore? Can I get contacts that are the prescription of my glasses? What options are there?

  • In my opinion Lasik is a scam, the Lasik industry is hiding the percentage of people that are suffering. I am a victim that was told by my Lasik surgeon that it's a safe surgery, when In fact I got fooled and I wasn't even a candidate, now I have living hell, people need to be aware that the risk involved in General, especially if you're not a candidate, the consequences could be unreversible.

  • I had been wearing glasses for last 13 years..I just had LASIK day before feels great now.. I'm having no itching or any such sort of discomfort.. it's great to see the world with naked eyes!!

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  • I had a front right tooth implant. About an 8 month process and best decision I ever made for my mouth. I think lasik is next.

  • Endmyopia people are watching this and are thinking "Good luck getting hyperopic defocus. I'm going to get my own 20/20 without surgery." #Endmyopia

  • my age is 25 my eyes is vry week tha eyes number is 15_15_ mainas i want lisak surgery butt i have no many i am very poor can you one help me i want to go canada no visa no manay please please help me i am from afghanistan my number is 0096550392927 please help me

  • Had my surgery done almost 16 years ago now… walked in could barely see in front of my face before everything blurred.. had better than 20/20 since and still do! Recommend it to everyone who is eligible for it! 🙂

  • I got my LASIK done 3weeks ago. Right now my eyesight is perfect. I use my laptop for around 30-40mins per day and I can also ride my bike without hitches. I don't have any dry eyes or hazy vision as shown on most of the YouTube videos. May be the after-effects are individualistic.

  • According to youtube (haha) the flap they make when opening the eye never truly heals. youtube it…. I bumped into it during the wee hours of when youtube loves to send us all into the twilight zone

  • Was thinking about laser eye surgery to correct my astigmatism, but with natural degeneration of the eye wouldn't you need multiple surgeries over your lifespan? The whole "slicing off a part of your eye with a microblade" makes me a little nauseous. I think I'm just going to stick with glasses – the explanations aren't putting my mind at ease at all. Maybe it's because I've worn glasses most of my life but they're not as big of a hassle some people say. Only reason i thought about LASIK again was because my toddler ended up breaking my glasses, prior to that was due bullying.

  • Please reply : I use glasses since 2010, i am a gamer. And per year or 2 years later I have to change my glasses for power and good vision. I hate this. Without glasses I watch so blurry. Any operation? And when ? Me almost 22 years old. Me full of time in Internet and gaming. Please give me advice. It's been almost 9 years that I wear glasses.

  • Just got lasik done and by far worth the money! Sure it was irritating as hell the first day but once you sleep it off that is pretty much gone. I also had a contact bandage applied to both eyes to heal the flap a lot quicker and after that was removed I could instantly see 20/20, crazy! The only side effect most people get is a slight dry eye symptom but putting in eye drops once in the morning and once midday and you never even notice it


  • I was hoping for a better detailing of how the cornea is reshaped. I had Lasix done when I was 32. I am now 47 and I am just starting to have problems with reading things up close and need readers. The Lasix does not prevent that. One side effect he did not mention is halo's. After the surgery it is common that you will see halos around lights at night, especially headlight and street lights. For me that stopped after about 6 months but for a very few people can be permanent. Now, at 47, my left eye is going slightly near sighted again and I actually do need glasses to feel comfortable driving or it is hard to see street signs. I can do ok without, but just feel more safe with corrective lenses. I know my Lasix had a free touch ups for life option, and I might consider doing this, but I have to be honest when I say that I actually like wearing glasses now. They make my face look better.

  • I had lasik done yesterday with Dr. Dello Russo and it was a great experience! I had, HAD, -4.00 on my right eye and -3.50 on my left eye+ astigmatism. All corrected in 5 minutes. Can’t wait to heal all the way and see the world as I should.

  • Weird question but i want lasik but when swimming i just open ny eyes (pool, not lake or ocean) and can see underwater. I have no idea if this is bad but i do it. Can you still do this with lasik?

    My second is if your eyes heal from the cut they make on your eye

  • Pry your eyes open
    Mark your eyes
    Cut the top off
    Pull it back
    Scary laser zaps your eyes until you can see better

    Yeah I’ll pass lol

  • I got Lasik about a month and a half ago and WOW am I impressed! I couldnt tell you how happy I am with it. The only side effect I've dealt with is dry eyes, but they said that's normal and will last a few months. So I just put eye drops in as needed a few times a day.

  • There is an upcoming eye surgery that will correct vision completely cutless. Yes you read right there is not cutting of the eye whatsoever. Its a chemical infusion using lasik that reshapes the eyes. Go research Carnegie University they came up with it.

  • I had lasik surgery four days ago and I was curious about it! Thank you
    Also, i'm adjusting to my new sight, sometimes I see blurry and I have dry eyes but yesterday class I could see what was on the board from the back of the classroom and I was so emotional.


  • I had lasik 2 years back in 2017 now after two years my vision so bad. I see double/ghosting. My night vision is so bad. Halos,glare, starburst. I went to my doc and she said because of dry eyes my cornea starts to thin so she did CXL to my both eyes now she said nothing to worry about my vision will back in 6 months just give some time. Now it's been a 3 months my left is so bad 20/200 and right eye 20/40. But she said this is because of C3r. Your vision will improve in 6-7 months. I am so worried about my life now.

  • Underwent surgery yesterday, amazing 20/20 vision, I could see clearly immediately after surgery, with some weeping though. But overall it's worth it. Do it from the best

  • yes i had Lasik eye surgery perform on my both eyes , i got 20/15 vision in one eye and the other one i got 20/10
    . i am 29 years old now i got this surgery perform on me when i was 27 years old and havent had any complications so far , this suits well because im going to college to be a pilot i recomend LASIK eye surgery.

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