GRWM: Everyday Kawaii Makeup w/Tiny Eyebrows & Cheek Glitter!

GRWM: Everyday Kawaii Makeup w/Tiny Eyebrows & Cheek Glitter!

Hello friends! Everyday I am flooded with questions on how I do my eyebrows and glitter on my face so here I am! With my everyday cutesy makeup tutorial Let’s jump right into it and get started! I’m going to start by getting all of my hair out of my face with this cute headband then I apply my liquid foundation I don’t have a method for this I just kinda smear it places and blend it out with a beauty blender After my liquid foundation has been all blended out and set for a little bit I will lock it in with loose powder I’m now putting on some eyeshadow primer and blending it all around I start my eyeshadow by adding gold to the bottom corners of my eyes and blending it towards the middle then I apply a copper shadow to the corners of my crease and blend it towards the other corner of my eye I’m going a little over the copper part and also covering and blending up towards my eyebrows with a light color highlighter then I pat on a pearlized peach color to my eyelids and blend it into the copper now I’m not the best with eyeliner I’m using a thick liquid liner and I will draw a line across my lid I will let it dry then add a wing ontop of it I do my eyeliner in sections to allow it to dry and so I can clean it up and add to it Now it’s time, time to talk about eyebrows I used to use stencils everyday to draw in my eyebrows you can find them on ebay or at beauty shops I still use them when I draw a full brow but I’ve gotten used to the way I draw my Splatoon inspired eyebrows the way I came up with that shape was by cutting off the back half of a stencil the bringing the two sides together to create this tear drop shape if you want to achieve this Splatoon inspired brow shape you can always do it that way since I’ve gotten used to drawing it I just do it freehand now they turn out a little differently everytime I do them but it’s fun to experiment with I color in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, I sometimes use lip liner because it’s more blendable I just draw a line at the top and bottom of my brows to bring that shape together into a point and then I fill in the center I go over what I’ve drawn in eyeliner with an eyeshadow I use a small angle brush with a light shimmery shade of green because my hair is bleached and has a very shiny look to it I don’t want to use a flat eyeshadow then to add depth I go over it with a darker green eyeshadow I tend to change the shape while doing the eyeshadow, my brows get bigger and rounder I use the brush on it’s side at the front of my brow then bring it back then I use it flat to draw in lines and fill in spaces Coming back to my eyeliner, I use an eyebrow stencil upside down and the back half of it, I use it to lay out the angle so they are the same on both sides then I go back and fill it in with the thick eyeliner then touch it up with a really thin eyeliner brush I still haven’t mastered the art of eyeliner but I’m working on it! I’m getting more adventurous and trying more I could never get a bright enough blush until I started using Etude House’s cheek tint which kind of goes on like a lipstick or liquid but then as you blend it out, it becomes a powder It’s really great for a J Fashion inspired blush I like to add blush close to my eyes In kind of an untraditional place I like to make my eyebags cute and bright I apply the cheek tint by using two different sponges one to lay it down and the other to blend it out I will usually go over it with a powder blush as well but today I wanted it to be a little less bright rather than use a traditional highlighter I love to put glitter on my face 🙂 I just spray setting spray on my fingers and then touch where I want to apply glitter to then with loose glitter and a brush, I brush it on there now it’s time for mascara I have blonde eyelashes so I have to wear a lot of mascara and this probably takes the most time of my makeup routine because I really want to cover all of my eyelashes to make them as dark and visible as possible People always comment on how I apply my mascara I kind of blink into it this bends my eyelashes up which is great because I don’t usually use an eyelash curler I tend to draw in my lips a bit bigger than they are and I use lip liner all over my lips rather than just the edges because it works as a primer for lipstick and then I don’t have to worry about having my lip color wear off and be left with only liner around because I cover it all then I’m using a matte lipstick over top to wrap it all up and bring this look together I’m adding some white shimmery eyeshadow to the corners of my eyes near my nose Woah woah hold on I seriously need to talk about this product I’ve used a lot of different ways of putting glitter on this has been my favorite I used to use eyelash glue the problem with eyelash glue is that it’s very heavy and it kind of becomes a clump it’s harder to move and it wrinkles and then it can start to peel off I’ve also used moisturizer I just rub moisturizer on my skin and add loose glitter on top of it which works ok but this stuff is AMAZING It’s super light weight I can use it for thin glitter and thick glitter this also holds my makeup on my face NO MATTER WHAT In rain in sweat IT WILL STAY ON Stay tuned let me know if you like videos like this I’m thinking of doing other looks leave a comment below with one of your favorite makeup products mine is definitely this matte finish as always stay lovely

58 thoughts on “GRWM: Everyday Kawaii Makeup w/Tiny Eyebrows & Cheek Glitter!

  • I really gotta up my makeup game. I'm so boring with it these days! Also, favourite product: Benefit Porefection Primer which was literally one of those life changing products.

  • I use the same foundation and setting spray c: I've been wanting to try glitter in my makeup so thank you for the tip :3

  • You do this makeup everyday?! 😱 I don't think I could fit the time in the morning to do more than put on Chapstick and some mascara, if even that 😭

  • I really like products from the brand Australis! It's an Australian brand and it's all cruelty free! I especially like their mascara! I've also started using roll on shimmers by nyx and they're really nice especially since they're blendable

  • Wonderful video as usual! I was just wondering, what colour are you wearing on your lips? I've recently started wearing lip products and that colour is so pretty~

  • Aggebejejwjjwjw you're so amazing! Also, thank you so much for doing a video on this, I know this might sound really weird, but I think your eyebrows are awesome! Or in this case; I guess you could say they are….lovely XD

  • I love this, i do my mascara exactly you do too, blinkng into it and i completely agree that it helps curl them 😉 Gorgeous as always! 🙂

  • Super tutorial! And thanks for the glitter tip, hehe ^^ I know I could never pull these brows off with my face, but they look so cute on you! <3

  • Youre a lifesaver! I've been using glitter as highlight for a few months now, but it always ends up looking chunky because I've been using chapstick to apply it, hahaha. I'll have to get that spray that you use! Thanks so much!!!!!!

    (PS – what glitter do you use?)

  • One of my favorite makeup products is Urban Decay's Electric Pressed Pigment Palette. The colors are, well, super pigmented! Sephora has it on sale for $24USD right now, too, so I snagged a few. Revolt is one of the best silver shadows I've ever used, and I love to blend together Gonzo (a pretty sky blue) with Chaos (a deep royal blue)!

  • Beautiful makeup tutorial 🙂 I did learn something from you while watching it. I used to apply glitter to my cheeks also with eyelash glue and it really felt heavy and got "wrinkles" just like you said. I'm very happy that you thought me something new and ill definitely go and try out this method! THANKS!!!
    Also my most precious makeup product is the eyeliner 😛

  • So that's the secret: NYX setting spray!!! I tried using their glitter primer, but it's SO STRONG that I just got a very concentrated circle of glitter instead of the blended out almost fallout look that I want. Thank you so much for posting this, Lor!

  • NYX now makes a glitter primer and it's amazing! My favorite product is the Mario badescu rose water facial spray it's really nice and refreshing.

  • I love your make-up! Even if I don't wear it I found these tutorials extremely funny and I can get inspiration for my dolls looks from them. Thank you!

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  • I'm getting into decora fashion, and while waiting for my clothes to come (lol i ordered them online) I'm looking for a community here in Toronto, but I can't find it. Do you have any tip on how to find a community or something? lol I love you channel

  • I've been doing my eyebrows a similar shape to this for almost two years now, but I've never been happy with the products I've used for filling them in, so I'll definitely have to try the brow pencil+eyeshadow combo!! I love your glitter highlighter look, its so cute!!

  • I'm a big fan of the dolly wink liquid eyeliner! It covers really well in one swipe and the brush tip is PERFECT for winged eyeliner. My only gripe about it is that when you use it over eyeshadow if it's too powdery, it tends to absorb into the brush and dry it out. I usually use a cheaper eyeliner as a base and line over top with dolly wink if I have a heavy eyeshadow look and it works pretty well!

  • My favorite makeup products are the too faced chocolate bonbon palette (Like, I seriously use this palette every time I wear makeup), too faced long-lasting 16 hour blush in the shade Love Flush (This stuff is SERIOUSLY long lasting and highly pigmented), It's Skin Babyface Mascara (Cute packaging and impressive formula!), L'OREAL's true match super blendable crayon concealer (Thick coverage without feeling cake-y and it's perfect for people who have oily skin!), and last but not least Wet 'n Wild x Fergie's Take on the Day eyeshadow primer (Real talk? This stuff is AMAZING. I paid, like, $4 for it and it works WONDERS <3 And I've tried other brands' eyeshadow primers but since I have oily skin they don't work that well. This stuff is a life saver.)

  • I like your makeup as a whole, but you might want to blend out the white eyeshadow a bit more. it looks kinda clumpy. but you don't have to listen to me, do what you like :^)

  • I LOOOOVE the NYX setting spray!!!!! I use it every day and it's the only setting spray that allows me to make it through morning classes, an 8 hour day as a teacher, and more night classes without ANY MAKEUP SMUDGING.

  • Lor, I love your videos and sense your doing makeup tutorials I asked this on a couple of your videos but can you do a tutorial on how to grow out your hair? I'm done with the play that they made me cut my hair for and I'm a part time Lolita. So if you get a chance or time please do a hair tutorial video with a bunch of hair ideas, and one on how to grow it out! I <3 Lor

  • how did you achieve this particular green hair? did you start with like a strawberry blonde color? it's absolutely perfect and each time i try to do pastel green it either ends up too light or too bluey

  • For my face glitter, I like to use a clear lipgloss and just press the glitter onto it with my finger 🙂

    If I wanted a more blushing across my nose and cheeks look, I’ll use a gloss with a pink tint.

    It’s stays on all day and doesn’t feel heavy!


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