Feel This Pain: S4E2 Ankylosing Spondylitis

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  • Thanks Ken. Especially the part about compassion. Only others with this amount of pain can empathize. But ANYONE can be compassionate.

  • Hey Ken I just wanted to say I really appreciate what you are doing with Don't Punish Pain. I've often had insult added to my injury and believe knowledge is the first step to compassion. Cheers!

  • Thanks Ken for this precious information. I had this problem and cured it with homeopathic medicines suggested by Dr. Rajesh Shah of Life Force Homeopathy Center. The medicines suggested in this video are also effective on AS.

  • I have AS. And your video was on the dot. The pain is every day and it hurts like it looks like it does. I have fused hips lower back and it also is in my lungs upper back and shoulders knees feet. I even had my eye flare up and couldn't open my eyes due to the light causing so much pain. I'm trying to deal with this it's a fight that goes on and on. But thank you for the video. I liked it and shared it. I want my friends to hear what you had to say. It's hard for me to ask for compassion. So thank you!!!!!

  • hi Ken I m 39 recently diagnosed with as. just wanna tell, a gr8 piece of knowledge from a gr8 human being. u look one of few who really feel for others

  • Wow a video that sorts explains it not 2 bad. I will use your video in the future when ppl say whats wrong with you?. You explain it better than i can and sometimes its hard 2 explain what you have/go thru without crying. Wouldn't wish this disease on anybody, nobody deserves 2 live with this. Thanks its goid 2 know im not alone.

  • I went for probably 15-18 years undiagnosed. I had a doctor tell me it was all in my head once and prescribe me antidepressants. Now i can't bend my neck or most of my spine. I really hope i don't have those eye problems later. This pain sucks quite enough. Anyway, good video, and thanks for the compassion.

  • Have had it since I was 17, I'm 48 now. Just moved into knees and arms about a year ago. Didn't know it spreads. That picture of the eye terrifies me. Had no idea!!!

  • Yo to all my fellow AS friends I got some hot tips for you from doctors, therapists, and personal experience:
    – there’s a kind of yoga called “restorative yoga.” It stretches and strengthens muscles without putting so much strain on my body that it causes a flare up
    – sleep with strategically placed pillows to keep your spine straight at night
    – posture shirts, bras, and taping tricks are your friend. Yeah you’ll get sore in a different way at first but your spine will be thankful for it
    – meds causing GI distress? Take them with food and take a small dose of miralax or some fiber supplements every day
    – using a cane on flare days actually helps take some weight off of your joints and improves mobility. I carry a collapsible cane in my purse in case my back seizes up and I need to be able to walk home without help
    – hot baths and ice packs are amazing
    – counseling is legit so helpful. Pain puts a big strain on your body but it can also destroy your mind and emotions. Get yourself the help you need
    – idk if CBD is a miracle drug but I’ve been able to cut way down on my prescriptions after using it for a while. Get the strong stuff that’s clear. If it’s mocha flavored it’s practically worthless to you.
    – get a shower seat
    – do small loads of laundry so the heavy baskets don’t throw your back out
    – physical therapy hurts now but it will help you later. Even if you can only afford one session, getting specialized advice from a pro for your AS is incredibly helpful
    – keep your chin up, figuratively and literally. It hurts like hell but sometimes you can do things to make it hurt a little less.

  • Is their a connection between The two of negative blood and HLA B 27? I read that Dr Radall Johnson of Baylor University said the two are connected. Also HLA B 27 causes many other roblems. It should be noted that 90% of AS sufferers have HLA B 27 the other 10% AS sufferers that do not usually have HLA B 38 39 and 15. My source NIH.

  • Good evening sir, I have been an AS patient since 1999 but wasn’t treated for the disease until 2017, now I have multiple fusion areas. My Rhuematologist has had me on for the past two years a biologic, Celebrex and pain medication. I’m located in Canada and my doctor has been affected by the opioid epidemic which now has affected my treatment. My body does not respond properly to any of the medication due to the fact that I am a redhead and I metabolize them differently. Do you know of others in a similar situation? Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • I hate this disease, pain all the time and stiffness, nothing seems to really take it away, just bandaid treatments 😣

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