EYEBROW Makeup Tutorial For Mature Skin | Fabulous50s

EYEBROW Makeup Tutorial For Mature Skin | Fabulous50s

today we’re going to do a how to eyebrow
tutorial for women with mature eyes if you have any confusion at all about
applying eyebrows now that you’re a bit older and your skin is different this is
the right place for you because I’m going to go slowly and show you exactly
what to do hi I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s a
Lifestyle channel for women over 50 and if you’re a woman over 50 click
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video and they’ll all relate to you today’s video is a highly requested
video on a step-by-step tutorial of all the steps you take to get a perfect brow
on mature skin because as we get older it’s a lot different to applying an
eyebrow than it was when we were younger and the reason is because our skin is
more loose so when you’re applying your eyebrows there’s more movement in our
skin and many of us have had over plucked eyebrows when we were young and
that hair didn’t grow back the first thing you do is to grab a spoolie on the
end of your eyebrow pencil and brush your eyebrows upwards and the reason we
do that is so that we can catch the hairs that go above where you’d like
your eyebrows to finish and then you take a pair of scissors a little pair of
scissors and you gently cut the hairs that go above where you’d like that line
to be so this doesn’t apply to everybody but this is a step for the people who
have long or wiry eyebrows and it makes a huge difference
when you trim them because it gives your eyebrow a more uniform look another step
you can take is to trim all the fine hairs above and below your brow with a
blade this just smooths out all the fine hairs that really annoy you and it gives
you a smoother surface and it’s a great alternative to waxing as well because it
doesn’t pull on skin once you’ve done that brush your
eyebrows up again and then we’re going to start applying
the eyebrow pencil there’s a formula for applying your eyebrow pencil so you put
your eyebrow pencil at the corner of your nose and the corner of your eye
that’s your first point the second point is from the corner of your nose to the
center of your eye you make a dot there that’s your second point and the third
point is from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye these three
points here indicate where you start the middle and the finish now that you’ve
got those three points you’ll probably find that your natural eyebrow fits
somewhere in between that and these dots here are going to be where we expand our
eyebrow to starting at this part of our eyebrow we’re going to use feather
strokes to fill in the gap the reason I’m using soft feather strokes here in
this area is because it gives a much softer look
and on mature women this look is so much nicer than the heavy look and I’m going
to show you the heavier look in a moment so you can compare but you do very soft
lines and don’t fill in the gaps and then when you get to the hair on your
brow you just gently fill that in and you’ll see the dot in the middle you go
up and that’s where you form a gentle arch so the peak of your eyebrow is
where that dot is and from that dot we just go down to the last dot and that’s
the tail of your eyebrow and you just gently feel it in when you’ve done that
you brush it up again with your spoolie and fill in all the gaps and you do this
on both sides now here is a comparison when I’m coloring in the inner part of
my eyebrow and I’m being very heavy-handed which is what sometimes we
think to do because we’re just gotta fill in all those gaps but it
gives us a very very harsh look and we don’t want that look as we’re getting
older we won our look to be soft and natural in comparison to what I’ve just
done here with the soft feather strokes this is what it looks like when you fill
in all the gaps and you kind of color in that area it’s too harsh and it’s too
overwhelming and it doesn’t suit older woman’s with the exception of women who
have very strong eyebrows already and very strong cheekbones it can look
fantastic on those women but I think that’s more the exception than the rule
and also on this look here I’ve used a color that is one shade too dark for me
and it’s so subtle it’s just a subtle difference like you
can see the two colors here but the lighter shade I’ve used on my eyebrows
is more harmonious with my colorings and the other one although it has a little
bit of warmth in it and I have warmth in my skin it’s just too strong for the
coloring of my skin and my hair and in this example I’ve used the right color
eyebrow pencil but I haven’t used the dot system I’ve just filled in the hair
that I have and I’ve just gone over that to make it a little bit darker you can
see by bringing the eyebrow into those dot points which is harmonious for my
face it opens my eyes up and it gives nice face more symmetry with this
example I really hope you can see that tiny tweak in your application can make
a big difference to the end result the final step in creating a great eyebrow
is to apply a gel to set the eyebrow so that they don’t move and when you brush
your eyebrows up with the gel it sets them and you can notice the real hairs
that you do have even more so it looks more natural and they won’t move the
dupe for using an eyebrow gel is to spray hairspray on your story and it
does pretty much the same thing and it’s kind of free so you can try that first
and if you love that you could buy a gel I really hope that I was able to provide
some clarity for you to show you how to apply great eyebrows to your beautiful
mature eyes and if we’ve got a nice defined eyebrow it really helps liven up
our face please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this tutorial and share it with
your friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful day

85 thoughts on “EYEBROW Makeup Tutorial For Mature Skin | Fabulous50s

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