Episode 125: He Reversed His Glaucoma With Cannabis Oil

Episode 125: He Reversed His Glaucoma With Cannabis Oil

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we say thank you! Now to our guest. Glaucoma has been called
the silent thief of sight because the loss of vision usually
occurs slowly over a long period of time. It is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide
after cataracts and affects more than 60 million people. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases
that result in damage to the optic nerve and vision loss. Our guest today is a holistic practitioner
who is using cannabis oil for his glaucoma and is seeing better now
than he has in ten years. Joining us from Long Beach California
is Al Morentin, who is the author of the book
better living with Whole Foods, which is currently sold on Amazon. Al thanks very much for doing this
I’m looking forward to your story. – Al: Yeah thank you for having me. – Ian: When did you first notice
the problem with your vision? – Al: when I first did my first eye exam when I was in the sixth grade, they told told me I had a high pressure. So I’ve had high pressure all my life
but as far as noticing things, probably about mid-30s I started to notice the
that peripheral that field-test they give you, like it was missing parts of
that – Ian: Was this hereditary did anyone else
in your family have glaucoma? – Al: My dad and a couple of my aunts have it. – Corrie: Were they expecting you
to be diagnosed with this? – Al: Yes. – Corrie: Yeah. – Al: I was told since the sixth grade that I
was a candidate for glaucoma. – Ian: What was it like when you were what,
12 years old in the sixth grade? – Al: Yeah I had no idea what it was and you know that was the
seventies nobody you know there was Internet and stuff yeah that’s right now
when you say you have high blood pressure for those of us who don’t have
not high blood pressure but high pressure yeah in your eyes when they say
you have high pressure what is high pressure compared to normal pressure can
you give us some range well they do that little test where they you know put the
air against your eye and they that’s how they test the pressure usually below 10
like in the single digits is considered good and like mine was 13 to 17 the
first time it was tested last time I had it tested it was in the 30s were you
getting headaches at all yes definitely there’s two different kinds of glaucoma
one is the silent thief you know of your sight and then the other one has crazy
pain involved with it like migraine kind of pain and that’s the one I have now
I’m unclear in two in my own mind as to whether glaucoma is the result of
pressure on the optic nerve or damage to the optic nerve or both can you can you
clarify that I’m not sure that’s how you the truth okay I’m not sure they they
everything’s a guess right now no there’s there’s not a whole lot out
there when did you start taking cannabis 2013 took me about 17 years to find
something that worked tell us the story how you discovered it
how you went about discovering it and using it well when I first was was told
hey you have glaucoma like around 1996 and I was prescribed the drops I said no
I don’t want to do the drops because side-effects that I had read about and
then I saw my dad go through stuff you know what happened with your dad oh wow
my dad he he has glaucoma and he did the drops and then he was like
first it was like one set of drops and a couple sets of drops and then there was
like surgeries and then that actually ended up like putting shots directly
like needles into his eyeballs and putting shots into his eyes on a regular
basis and like all painful stuff and the end result was he still went blind like
it didn’t save his vision at all he just steadily went blind when you started
using cannabis how soon did you notice a difference I found the Rick Simpson
story that’s that’s how I found out about it right on the internet it’s
answered that earlier question like there was no there was no information
about it helping glaucoma like a saying about helping a cancer and different
things like that but we know there’s cannabinoid receptors in the eyes and
that’s the first thing that um the government okayed cannabis used for back
in the 70s was for a glaucoma person so I took a chance and tried it out right
and I found a reputable source not too far from me literally I was at that
point I was going into pain cycles every single day like I was I was like like
life wasn’t fun at all you know I was I was losing my peripheral vision
it was seeming like almost daily and a lot of pain that first time that I took
it I woke up the next day without a headache and I slept through the night
wait add sword to interrupt the first time you took it did you smoke it or
ingest it one my form I put it on my tongue so this was an oil then yes okay
yeah it was RSO the Rick Simpson oil okay so the high THC yeah yeah high THC
indica plant okay and then you slept through the night and you woke up the
next morning and no headache yeah that was noticeable because every day I was
in pain so not so that was like not being in pain it was like wait a minute
this is weird so that was like okay that if it just helps that then I’ll do it
you know and L did it heaven any positive impact on your peripheral
vision when I took it there there there wasn’t a lot being made right these guys
were you know they made it they’re really honest guys and everything but so
I was sort of limited to the amount that I could take so I was able to pretty
much stop it or dramatically slow it down and reduce
that pain that’s what I noticed that the onslaught of it stops yes its
progression you you notice the progression over the years and it was
accelerating then soon as you took the cannabis oil
it stopped yeah yeah yep so that’s what we call overcoming a condition right and
then the next step is managing it so how much oil do you take a day oh well right
now I’m in a what we call a therapeutic dosing kind of a thing so because I like
I had mentioned before or you got mentioned earlier there’s I’m seeing I’m
seeing better than I have in the past ten years and that’s because I have an
abundance of oil right now I’m doing anywhere from like five hundred to a
thousand milligrams a day so that’s half a gram to a gram a day yeah and do you
take that twice a day or how do you take it I take it’s a lot of different ways I
take it throughout the day throughout the day yeah I don’t you want me to go
into that a little bit yeah sure yeah anything we can find out for people out
there who have glaucoma and are listening to this and all right
okay so I do it throughout the day because well first off I’ll say glaucoma
is a bitch okay there are like cancer and different things like that as a
holistic health practitioner I could cure that stuff with food without
cannabis right I mean it’s glaucoma is the only thing
I’ve come across the absolutely absolutely needs cannabis everything you
do I can use the oil right not not even this the flower but the oil okay
so if you’re just doing a flower and expecting that to work if you have
glaucoma no bueno that’s not gonna do it that’s just for fun the oils is what’s
gonna do it for you a Rick Simpson type of extraction process is the preferred
process maybe not the you know the the home
methods that he uses but we use like a 200 proof ethanol food grade ethanol you
know to extract and in negative 30 degrees and all that kind of stuff
Fahrenheit so it’s a cleaner type of extraction process but it keeps
everything there therapeutically active so that’s the preferred type of oil so I
do it in the morning I do some either either the straight oil or I do some
capsules that we make that are like that one to one THC CBD combo and here so I
get something in the morning and then throughout the day I’ll do some vaping
because vaping does work and that’s sort of like a micro doiis kind of a thing I
carry two on me right one is a high CBD like either a one to one or a or one the
two THC CBD and that’s for pain okay and so all micro dose that throughout the
day to keep myself out of the pan cycles and and it’s sort of added as needed
kind of thing and then along with that I’ll keep book another cartridge that
that’s a height there’s a high THC and I’ll play around with a sativa or an
indica for during the day right the one in the morning was an indica and during
the day it I’ll play around a little bit just to get variety but I’ll hit that
here and there and and we call that micro dosing okay so you’re not good so
yeah so you’re not getting blown out throughout the day you’re just taking
his little hits the the bait pen well if you have one that goes about 10 seconds
you’re getting about three and a half to four milligrams per hit in there all
right so they’re very small little doses throughout the day and you can get you
know a bunch of them as needed and then at night after I get
off of work I’ll do a little something like another capsule or a little bit of
RSO this is the raw stuff and then before I go to bed I’ll do some more –
so al when you’re doing this if I’m understanding correctly you’re using the
amount you’re using not only to alleviate division symptoms but to
alleviate the pain symptoms is that correct yes okay so for people who have
glaucoma but don’t have the pain with it what what would your suggestion be for
their level of intake I would say everything except for that that vaping
that the CBD one everything else DVDs for pain the the CBD
yes DVDs and thca are for pain yeah okay so what about I know micro dosing you
know certainly would be an option here but what about people who are really
against the high or the hot it really bothers them they’re very sensitive to
it would CBD do the trick in your opinion or do you think you need that
THC CBD blender which would you take on it alright so for the purpose of the
show we’re just talking about glaucoma alright right
no it’s you need the THC you need the high THC the CBD is gonna help some but
the high THC stuff is what’s gonna do it for you all right yeah and you know
going blind is not fun alright so you have to take into consideration whether
you want to go blind or you want to be a little bit high okay with what I do you
know I’ve been a holistic health practitioner for 30 years and I don’t
beat around the bush with people you know I
I speak through truth and I speak in reality and it’s like hey you want to go
blind or you want to get a little high every day for me I’ll get a little high
every day I’m not gonna be led around by somebody you know have to take the bus
get my license taken away from me and all this kind of stuff I’m gonna keep my
dignity and be a little high instead of going blind and not getting high and
that’s the choice that you have to make like like I don’t even try to convince
people you know over here it’s like hey if you’re worried about that
you know then here’s the basic truth about it you know and here’s here’s the
basic truth about what’s gonna happen to you if you do go blind if you’re okay
with that then go on that path if you’re not if you want to save your eyesight
then this is what you need to do and getting high is part of that yeah no I
totally agree because it’s just yeah it’s just a reality and you can’t lie to
people about it no what’s your feeling on micro dosing if you were to microdose
and you’re not getting blown out of the water
yes time exactly so that’s a good thing so here’s a here’s a way that the CBD
could help keep in mind though that when you start adding CBDs in the the cost
will go up to you right for the person yeah and and the availability goes down
for quality if you put in like those like what the ones I mentioned earlier
the 25 milligram the one to 125 milligram THC 25 milligram CBD that I
take in the morning sometimes mm-hmm so while that that one-to-one ratio that
will sort of cancel out the high a little bit yeah let’s sort of cancel
each other out don’t there yeah it doesn’t do it like a hundred percent but
it cancels out like a about a good majority of the high so that’s a way to
get around it and then you do get you know you do get bill the tolerance after
a while too I gather from your comments earlier that you help other people with
glaucoma and you you tell them about cannabis have you had remarkable success
with other people have taken cannabis much like the
success that you have experienced with glaucoma jest or with other things as
well let’s just stick to glaucoma for now yes if they stick to the protocol
okay so like I said comas it’s a it’s a beast just like something like lupus is
it’s it’s something that’s that you have and that you have to manage continuously
for the rest of your life day in and day out okay and for those that are willing
to do that you know that are saying okay this is this is my reality and I have to
do this every day because it does get a little bit of a burden you know
sometimes you know you do get like a little bit depressed or whatever like
hey I gotta take this stuff everyday I gotta get me a little bit of high every
day you know whatever but I’m if you could just get past that that’s why we
have community support and things like that too you know just like you guys
have your Facebook group so people could have a place to go to because if you do
do that if you’re cookin what we say consistent and persistent and patient
with your stuff what you know with your protocol then see great results but if
they’re like in and out you know and they’re like they do days where they
don’t do their their protocol then they’re not successful so yes if you
follow the protocol you’ve got to be diligent yeah definitely fair enough
well last year you went without your oil and went completely blind in your right
eye tell us that story okay yes so in 2013 I got the my supply
the oils from 2013 to 2016 I went without it for three days twice and I
went into like a pain cycle by that third day and my vision started to like
what I call fractal at that point right in 2016 I completely lost my source and
I was scrambling for another source and that’s when I actually found you guys is
group and stuff like that but I I was scrambling for another source and
I and I found a friend that that sells oil for a major company at that point it
was like seven days and I went completely blind in my right eye I was
like in a crazy pain cycle it said it’s the same thing as like a migraine where
you can’t you know or you just let sit ups lay down
stand up whatever you know it doesn’t anything hurts my friend gave me that
oil right it was actually a supercritical co2 oil and like I didn’t
think that stuff would work and and it actually did and that’s how I discovered
the vaping works too so me going blind actually allowed me to
find out other things that actually work because before it was I was just RS so
that’s it you know so I I found out a couple things that work the
supercritical co2 works not as good as the RSO style step or the fico you know
the fluctuate countess oil but but it does work and BP in does work too for
micro dosing but yeah I went blind and when I got that oil I was like okay I’m
I’m never gonna run out of oil again I have a company called my Fit life that I
have for 30 years but I started the company Movida and with the tagline a
life worth living just so I would never run out of oil I found about 15
different oil extract errs I found one that is along the same path as me we
have relationships now with over 550 farmers some grown in the ground you
know no pesticides herbicides fungicides and we make oil for people with
different conditions but my passion is to get the word out for people with eye
conditions you know for glaucoma retinitis pigmentosa and things like
that because it is severely severely under under served you know people if
you tell somebody you’re depressed if you tell somebody like my cat you know
nail broke they’re like oh my god I can’t believe it we tell somebody you’re
going blind it’s like oh sorry to hear that you know it’s like there’s there’s
not a lot of compassion for it it’s underserved so I so I want to help
people oh when you
went blind in your right eye did you think that was tournament or did you
have faith in the oil bringing it back it was scary
all right and it was so with when you have a lot coma every day you check your
eyesight you have your good eye you have your bad eye right the second you
friggin wake up like I wake up I open my eyes I look at my ceiling fan I cover my
bad eye I see if I could see my good eye I cover my good eye see if I could see
the ceiling fan you know at all the blades anything you know and that
morning I it was a sea of white with some shimmers and I was like oh wow
that’s must be like whatever so I got up and I looked in the mirror and it was a
sea of white and shimmers and it was like that for almost two days straight
every time I checked it was like oh jokes over come on I’m like oh no it’s
still just a sea of white not even shadows it was crazy
when you woke up this morning what was the ceiling then what did it look like I
could I could see almost almost the whole thing I could see all the blades
and about 90% of it because my peripheral vision is a little bit
compromised in that I could you see the dust on the blades my my vision is
clearer now but both eyes my vision is clearer now because I’m able to do my my
therapeutic doses now because I have an abundance of oils awesome yeah that is
amazing so that’s why your eyesight is better today than it was 10 years ago
yeah yeah because yeah because I’m able to do those therapeutic doses and I’m
able to you know basically experiment with myself that’s how I even would vet
the people that I was having extract oil for me right is I would just do their
oil for months at a time just that oil and see if it mean if it worked with my
eyes for a long period you know at least 90 days and then we knew that not you
know because we knew the material we knew where we got the material from from
but you had to know that the extractor was
doing it properly and the only way to know is if it’s working on my eyesight
so yeah an integrity of product is everything with me you know you raise a
very interesting point because some people say well I’ve tried CBD and it
doesn’t work and then you you get this probably all-time quarry yes and you
have to say what where did you get it yes and you have to experiment with
yourself just like al is doing he used himself as an experiment to try and find
out what worked for you right al yes yeah yeah I started something called
glaucoma hope when I went blind and it was my journey back from from well when
I was able to see a shadow about like almost almost 48 hours in I saw a shadow
but I started taking the oils and it still didn’t work and all of a sudden I
saw a shadow I knew something I knew something I was
like 2 a.m. and I was and I got up and I was like I’m getting my fucking eyesight
back there’s nothing that’s gonna stop me I’m gonna do this it was a it was
really beautiful you know yeah it must have been an exciting
moment for you yeah yeah yeah I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see color again
nothing you know but but yeah it it just ya steadily started coming back and it
would go like forward and backwards you know because that’s what happens and I
go in and out of pain cycles that’s one of the things that you have to realize
that your listeners should understand as well when you’re going through something
and you’re recovering from something like glaucoma you know or anything else
the symptoms that you have might come on stronger while you’re recovering they
Eve I go into even worse pain cycles if you have pain cycles you know there’s
there’s different things that could happen just like when you go on a diet
you might gain a couple of pounds before you lose it you know there’s there’s
things that could happen and they’re sort of like almost like cleansing or
detoxification and things that you’re going through and we like to call it
evil leaving your body but as long as you know that you’re doing something
good and you’re with like good Tichenor or caregiver that has seen this
before you know and seeing people go through things before you have and you
just have to sort of believe you know in in what you’re doing and who you’re
doing it with you know and be sure that you have good quality oils and things
like that too and just go through that to get to the other side to where you
could actually get some a good result when you got up in about two o’clock in
the morning and saw that shadow you must have started to use a heck of a lot of
oil once you knew that recovery was possible yeah definitely
I went up into that into that gram range and stuff like that because last year I
was ready to give up my license I hired somebody cuz I have Movida
and I and and and the other holistic health company but I also have a
marketing agency that helps wellness centers to market themselves clay I want
to season stay open right and I know how to do it really well but I actually
hired somebody to become the CEO of that company because I thought I wouldn’t be
able to see my computer screen by this time by 2017 and here you are besides
being a holistic practitioner we should tell listeners that you are also a power
lifter you have set California state records placed first in national
championships and second overall in the world powerlifting championships which
is no small feat thank you yeah yeah some of the guys that you’re up against
they’re big they’re strong are you a big guy yourself when I competed that I was
at the 198 and 220 pound class but yeah I’m I’m fairly muscular yep yeah nope
you had yeah but the reason I did the reason I did it is because I’m
personally I’m vegan I don’t promote people necessarily
needing to be vegan you know I like you know plant-based stuff but I’m
personally vegan and everybody says that vegans are weak so I just wanted to
prove that they’re not just wanted to prove just how we tra
when your powerlifting there’s a lot of stress and strain and did that have any
negative impact on you the pain in your head the headaches your your glaucoma oh
yeah like I broke a blood vessel a couple
times in competitions in my eyes you know where I add the big red eye
whatever yeah that that was a big like hey you don’t want to do this you know
that was in my 20s because I competed I got those championships in 2013 2014 but
uh I’ve been competing since 84 him but yeah I added like some stuff in my upper
shoulder grilled on my right side so there’s a you know and that’s the side
that my glaucoma is active in they sort of I don’t know if they’re they
complement each other or whatever you know well the eye that you had a broken
blood vessel was that your bad I your right eye it was both of them both of
them yeah I did it three or four times yeah you were living on the edge
yeah what was it was great to talk to you I think what you’ve done is
absolutely remarkable I know a number of people who contact us about glaucoma and
want to know what strains to take people are very very strain or into very strain
or really I don’t think I think one of the things that Corey and I like to do
is seek just try the oil and see what happens
don’t worry about strains and things like that just use yourself as a bit of
an experiment because we’re all different
aren’t we all yeah definitely definitely even went with smoking stuff you know
you know like it’s like there’s it’s gonna affect most people one way you
know but it might affect somebody else the total opposite way so any might be
that person so you have to you have to experiment find things that work with
you and stuff just like that person that says like
I’m allergic to the marijuana like try a different strain and see if it’s that
one affects you the same yeah you know yeah it’s tough like that one thing I
want to say though before we go is that oils ingest them with you know just by
putting it on your tongue in capsules and things like that the thing that I
have found that doesn’t work that well for eyes as edibles the edibles are you
know it could be good for pain but that part of it and for helping you sleep
through the night and it might help for other conditions but as far as clock
coma I tested it out and at least for me it didn’t work at all okay that’s
interesting to know and get to know higher THC but if you have pain a
combination of a blend of THC and CBD and edibles aren’t that beneficial yes
and micro dosing vaping through the day is helpful yes that’s great anything
else you want to say in conclusion now notice thank you very much I appreciate
the opportunity to spread the good word well thank you all for coming forward
and offering to come on and you know we’re gonna have a lot of listeners out
there who have been wanting to hear about glaucoma awesome thanks al thank
you and that’s another edition of cannabis hell the radio thanks for
listening everyone you’ve been listening to the cannabis health radio podcast visit our website cannabis health
radio.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter you

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    most older vegans are blind and bald, vegan is a no-no for nutrient density and low inflammation
    smh i can definitely get back to 20-20 vision

  • Al’s story is exactly like mine. He described the pain cycles and white blind cloudiness as it affects me as well. I have had 2 eye ruptures, and a cornea transplants on each eye. I now have steroid induced glaucoma as a side effect to the eye drops needed due to surgeries. I get extreme migraines, light sensitivity. I have also found a balance that has worked for me as well. I smoke strong indica flower to address the pain with in seconds. I micro dose vaping indica during the day to keep the headaches at bay. At home and in privacy i dabb or vape strong concentrates to help sleep and finding the right combo for you based on weight, pain levels, strength of strains all experimenting to find the right combo but it works. Please try it. Going blind is scary and when u find something that works gives hope

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