EACHINE VR D2 Vs The Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles Comparison (BANGGOOD)

EACHINE VR D2 Vs The Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles Comparison (BANGGOOD)

what is uP guys the [playa] [Tech] here and today we’re going to be doing a comparison between the [yishun] VrD2 goggles with diversity and the ish in D800 Goggles with single Antenna, so let’s get right into Alright guys So right off the bat you’ll notice that The flow Factor itself of the Vrd2 s is a little bit different than the Evie 800 including the [faceplate] One looks like it hugs your face a little bit more Where the other looks like it gives it a little bit more room to breathe the next obvious difference is going to be the antennas the Incheon Evie 800 came with a single mushroom Antenna, Whereas the [Vrd2] s come with Diversity Antennas one being a panel a ton of the other being a mushroom the Evie 800 has the buttons on top Whereas the Brd to have them on the faceplate as well as a little display the Evie 800 comes with an automatic search Whereas the Brd Tubes do not the Evie 800 will come apart the Vrd2 s do not they are both set up for tripod if you wish as well [Evie] 800 comes with an onboard 2000 mah battery Whereas the VrD2 is from with a removable battery that is 2200 mah on The Bi D2 is you can adjust the screen? distance from the face from the Evie 800 that you cannot One of the mated Distinct features of the Asian Vrd2 is the fact that it has a DVR built-in Whereas the [e] V 800 to do not have a DVR both goggles come with over the head strap And they’re both pretty much the same [the] only [difference] [being] that the battery goes into the strap on the back Give me eight hundreds come with a headphone Jack which is also an AV in the Vrg [Twos] do not come with a headphone Jack Built-in Some similarities. They’re about the same size though their weight is a little bit different the nation Eb 800 comes in at 294 Grams without Antenna where the Brd to come in at 349 Grams without antenna, or that they are both 5 inch screens the moment you guys have been waiting for a video test So let’s check it out All right, that’s the right off the bat you’ll notice that the Vrd2 have that clock in the bottom there That is actually for the sd. Card it [lets]. You know how much time is left for recording on your Sd Card you’ll also notice that there is an Sd card icon up to the top [to] let you know this one in there also a microphone if we go over to the [Evf] hundreds It’s just a very plain screen like plain looking you don’t see really much else other Than what you’re looking at which I kind of like I really don’t like a lot of other stuff in the frame some people like more Others don’t so now I’m going to back off so you can kind of see it’s a [paracin] of bulk we’re going to do with a little bit of range test here and see which ones break up first [as] You can see those adversities are really kind of doing a job So nice [learning] for you As you can see those diversity is are still working pretty well Whereas a single mushroom was kind of breaking in an agate choppy I mean the diversity is are breaking up a bit, but certainly not as much causing as much disruption as the single mushroom All right guys. That’s pretty much it [hope] you found this video helpful if you did Please leave a thumbs up leave comments below don’t forget to subscribe and I catch down the next one

25 thoughts on “EACHINE VR D2 Vs The Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles Comparison (BANGGOOD)

  • Nice reviews. Which one is more comfortable? I have the EV800 and if I use them for an hour (ten batteries) it is uncomfortable. I was looking to get the VR D2 or goggles two or splurge and get fat shark as a second set of goggles. I wanted to make sure they are more comfortable then the EV800.

  • the biggest problem for me also with the goggles 2 is that when the goggles 2 and the vrd2 have breakup the image actually jumps around and moves where as the ev800 does not. the lines appezr across the screen and static but the image never moves or jumps around i cannot fly like that is tha normail in other goggles for the image to jump and move around the screen it looks like its jumpin up about a half of an inch then goes back to normal

  • The lag with the VR d2 dvr makes your drone unflyable. That and it not having an autosearch, I regret buying it. Really wanted the dvr to work.

  • Hi, I'm wondering if there is a difference for eyes between fatshark and "TV in a box" like eachine… Is one is more pleasant for eyes ?

  • the vrd2 seems to have a better picture, but it wouldn't make sense for the company to use two different screens identical in resolution, i figured they were the exact same screen. weird

  • Thanks for the vid!
    I was like, what kind of RC Car is that? then it took off! – LOL -. Surprised me there buddy.

  • My Eachine EV800 did not come with a CP antenna, only the dipole (from Banggood). The packaging may differ by vendor.

    I was looking for a "backup" viewing ability and being able to remove the front of the EV800 and use hand-held or tripod mounted is nice. And I don't do ground FPV, so the reception differs far less up in the air than what is shown here. I prefer to DVR on the model (avoiding tx/rx failures), so having a DVR in the goggles or anywhere on the ground is less of a feature for me.

    You can connect external analog video to either unit, so an external receiver or source can be used (including diversity). You can also connect external power to the EV800, so the internal battery is not a show-stopper.

    If I were to spend more on goggles, I'd go to the Goggles Two HDMI/HD screen! The ability to watch movies or view a laptop screen in privacy would be a great side feature.

  • quick question. is it possible to overcharge either of these units as it would suck if one of the batteries exploded inside the housing and made the screen burst into shards. Last thing we would want is to wear a bomb on our face!

  • Ev800's can be moded to feature anything you want. Diversity, dvr, whatever. I modded mine and theyre pretty nice now. Just have to work for what you want if you buy cheap

  • Thank you for doing this video. I have the ev800 and I just ordered the vrd2. So this video was able to tell me what's so different. Thank you.


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  • Little old now so not sure anyone cares, but I slowed down the footage and found a slight edge in latency on the 800's (800d you could get diversity now, but that also assumes they didn't change the relevant guts). Just thought I would put that out there.

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