Best Canon Lens for Video — Top 3 Cheap Canon Lenses for YouTube

So what are the best and cheapest Canon lenses for making YouTube videos? In this video I’m gonna talk about my top three and some tips for using all of ’em, comin’ up. Hey, what’s up guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further, faster in media and on this channel we […]

Claire highlights a good example of using assistive technology with a pupil

Could you give an example where everything just fell into place, the technology worked and give the reasons why it happened. With the same group of learners, this was another learner who we were also thinking about switch access for. We had, we believed that she had a really good understanding of cause and effect. […]

Pupil Parliament: Derek Thomas MP reacts to Nancledra Primary School, Penzance

Hello. I’m Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, West Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly, and Nancledra School. I’m really excited to be watching a Pupil Parliament video – the winning video – from Nancledra, all about plastic and the damage it does to our environment. (Pupils) Hello. I’m David…and I am Attenborough, and welcome […]

The Secret Spy Glasses

So every once in a while I let Jack pick an item to be featured here on the show Is it a terrible idea? I think so. You might too. To let Jack do anything in fact Surprised this place hasn’t burned down So what does he do with all of that freedom to select […]

SYML – “Clean Eyes” [Official Music Video]

(“Clean Eyes” by SYML) ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Picture yourself in a room full of broken glass ♪ ♪ Blood on the pieces the pieces you can’t put back ♪ ♪ A little white light in a sea gone black, black, black ♪ ♪ My head is the room and the room’s […]

15 Eyebrows Tutorials Compilation 😱 Step-by-Step Eyebrows Tutorials to Perfect Your Look 2018

Jurassic Park T-Rex Breakout

Maybe it is the power trying to come back on? What is that? Where’s the goat? Ow Jesus ow Jees. He left us! He left us! Where does he think he’s going? When you got to go you got to go. Dr.Grant? Boy I had been right all the time. Keep absolutely still, his vision […]