7 Best MSM Eye Drops Benefits 💧 How Do MSM Eye Drops Work?

7 Best MSM Eye Drops Benefits 💧 How Do MSM Eye Drops Work?

In today’s Dry Eye Show we are going over MSM drops I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and in the next 5 to 10 minutes you are going to learn all about what MSM is. It is actually very
hard to say and what its benefits are If you are serious about getting rid of
your dry eye make sure you head to www.dryeyebook.com pick up your copy of our
new Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment book at www.dryeyebook.com go check it out we’ve
had hundreds of patients use the information in this book with a lot of
success and they’ve had a lot of relief for their dry eyes so with that being
said have you tried MSM eye drops for your dry eye therapy or for any other
therapy? Let us know in the comments what you used it for. What are or what is
MSM? MSM is a methylsulfonylmethane and it is a type of organic nutritional
sulfur which is typically found in things like grains, meats, vegetables,
fruits, and certain dairy products eye drops or MSM eye drops are often used by
those with dry eye disease because they can soften mucous membranes in the body
and facilitate fluid passing through the tissues and your eyes are one of the
mucous membranes in your body hundreds of studies have been done on
MSM with no evidence of it being helpful for your eyes at all so if you’re going
to use MSM eyedrops then just keep this in mind MSM can be taken orally it can be applied to the skin for joint
inflammation, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, cramps things like that It’s not just the eye drops that you use
orally. There’s an oral formulations There’s cream formulations and then
there’s eye drop formulations. There’s lots of different formulations. There are
supplements as well How does MSM work? We will
go into the benefits a little bit after this but MSM works by it increases the
amount of sulfur in your body. Sulfur is one of those vital compounds that you
need. One of those vital chemicals that your body needs similar to like carbon.
When you increase that it helps your body work more efficiently. Sulfur
again is a naturally occurring compound in your body. It just makes sure that
it’s more available. MSM can actually cross membranes. There’s a lot of
membranes in your body including on your eye surface but
there’s your brain membrane. There’s just lots of membranes all throughout your
body. Every cell is a membrane. It crosses that to make it very
available for your body to use which is great in the healing process. MSM
eye drops allow nutrients to pass through membranes such as the front surface of
the eye like we just talked about The cornea is a membrane. It’s got five
layers and it allows things to pass through it. MSM is one of those things
that can pass through it. Therefore helping with your aging eyes. It
helps soften that tissue to make it more permeable for nutrients to pass through.
With aging eyes our eyes tend to get thicker and a little harder. Therefore
it’s harder to pass through those membranes. That’s how it’s said to
help cataracts. Cataracts are thought to be pretty much toxic environment for
your lens. Your lens starts to become a pacifier or cloudy as a result
of just these toxic waste products. When MSM crosses the eye barrier. It can then remove this
metabolic waste. It can help remove the toxic effects from the cataracts and
therefore a clear up your lens. That is what’s thought to happen. Same thing with
eye floaters. It is thought to get rid of that waste product. Is there
studies on this? No ,there are no studies that show that it is helpful. Is it worth a try? Maybe, I mean you may notice many people in the group that had used them and I’ve had great
success with them. It’s not going to work for everyone of course but
there are those people out there who I’m sure we’ll find some benefit from MSM eye drops Make sure you click the share button
to share this video with somebody that you think might find it helpful. Make
sure you like and comment below to let us know if you try to MSM eyedrops and
let us know what you’ve used them for Let’s jump into the seven benefits of MSM Number one is that it’s
anti-inflammatory. It ensures that all metabolic wastes is removed which
requires sulfur and as we talked about earlier MSM is a big contributor of
sulfur for your body. It removes byproducts that cause inflammation in
the cells. Basically that’s how it decreases inflammation. Number two is
along the lines of number one but it’s an antioxidant. Studies show that MSM
in your body increases glutathione Glutathione in the body which is a powerful antioxidant. It also helps
decrease inflammatory factors like she just talked about in number one and
number three goes along with that as well so for immune modulation. MSM
reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in your body and it creates
glutathione which is an antioxidant This promotes immunity and it helps with
the healing of your eyes whether it’s from dry eyes or possibly cataracts or
something else similar to that so number four is sulfur donation and methylation
and so sulfur donors MSM is considered a great source of sulfur
therefore it donates its sulfur to creation of proteins throughout the body
but also for the creation of glutathione Number five is that it
potentially helps with allergies Allergies can be triggered by animal
dander, mold, pollen, and all kinds of things both seasonally and throughout the year.
Those of you that suffer from allergies will know this. MSM can actually
prevent against allergic attacks because it prevents the release of cytokines in
your body. This occurs not only across your body in your eyes and
everything but it also your nose and all that type of allergic
rhinitis that you get so number six is it accelerates in the healing process so
when we exercise and do hard work lactic acid is a metabolic waste product of our
muscles and when your muscles are sore that’s a buildup of lactic acid so
taking MSM increases your body’s ability to remove the waste of that lactic acid therefore they are increasing recovering faster and
decreasing your soreness so number seven finally is
a natural source of energy so MSM increases the permeability of cells
especially those of mucous membranes like the eyes so less energy is
basically needed to detox those cells of your eyes so don’t forget to like this
video and click the share button to share this video with somebody who you
think might benefit from it and help a friend who might need
this information also let us know if you’ve tried MSM eyedrops and let us
know what you were using them for and if they worked for you put that in the
comments below and finally visit www.dryeyebook.com to get our new
Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment book and find a more permanent solution for your dry
eye now before we close though make sure you join us every Monday night in the
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Support Community so thanks so much for watching. Let’s jump into comments. We don’t know who’s saying these because it’s a group and let’s just
jump in so I’ve never heard of them but I’m interested in learning more about it
and hopefully you found this video very helpful and so heard of them but never use them What is scleritis and how to treat it? Scleritis is an inflammation of
your sclera which is actually one of the parts of the eye. The sclera has
pretty much got everything in it. The white part that you see of your eye
that’s your sclera. When that becomes inflamed that’s usually when you
get redness and irritation and a lot of people call it conjunctivitis which is
the area in front of the sclera. It is actually invisible but the sclera is the
white part. Scleritis is usually a little bit more serious. It’s very uncommon and it can be very painful. We usually do
a blood work to see what’s causing it. Inflammation of the sclera or scleritis.
How to treat it figure out the cause of it and usually it’s
inflammatory based of course so figuring out what’s causing the inflammation can
be an autoimmune condition can be something else it could be just
idiopathic which just means we have no idea so decreasing inflammation with
everything we talked about in our book go to www.dryeyebook.com to get it but
decreasing inflammation in your entire body is going to help with scleritis. Sylvia
says hi from Long Valley New Jersey Hi, Sylvia. Do they help with MGD?
MSM being antioxidant anti-inflammatory and all those meibomian gland dysfunction is also known as posterior blepharitis which is
inflammation of the back of the eyelid or the meibomian glands Meibomian gland dysfunction is inflammatory based. It’s
diet based. Will this help? Yes but diet helps more.
An anti-inflammatory diet definitely. Are MSM eye drops safe to use alongside
Restasis? I would say there’s no reason why you can’t just make sure if you’re taking two drops with Restasis
or with any drop just space them out five minutes. I would use the Restasis
first since it’s your pharmaceutical medication. It is
studied and you are spending probably a lot more money on that than you are with
MSM drops. Dr. Jenna you are absolutely radiant today. I told her that too.
Thank you. What you doing for that beautiful complexion? What I do is
I actually oil cleanse at night Sometimes I do use our tea tree oil
soap. That is one of the things I’ve used that a couple times a week and then
I also oil cleanse with jojoba oil You can look up the oil cleansing method
and it will give you quite a few different oils that you can combine.
Truthfully I don’t have time for that. I just keep it simple and use an
organic cold-pressed jojoba oil to wash my face and to moisturize and then
I’m also trying out a couple different concealers right now because I had some
issues with concealer and dry eyes and red eyes earlier about a month ago or so
so I’m trying out some different ones now so maybe it’s the concealer and we
just got back from the South so lots of sunshine. Maybe you look a little too today. Thank you well with no further questions make sure
you join us every Monday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time in the Dry Eye Syndrome
Support Community on Facebook and we’ll answer any questions that you have.
Thanks so much for watching

17 thoughts on “7 Best MSM Eye Drops Benefits 💧 How Do MSM Eye Drops Work?

  • 😍Summary of the Video😍

    MSM is a type of organic nutritional sulfur which is typically found in grains, meats, vegetables, fruits, and certain dairy products. These eye drops are often used by those with dry eye disease, as they soften mucous membranes and facilitate fluid passing through the tissues. We are going to discuss the 7 best benefits of MSM drops and how these drops really work.

    Read more about 3 different MSM Eye Drops you should try: https://eyelovethesun.com/blogs/dry-eyes/benefits-of-msm-eye-drops

  • 📗 Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment Book – Head here for details: https://eyelovethesun.com/pages/rethinking-dry-eye 📗

  • Thanks for these recommendations. I am grateful to you both for sharing information that can help our dry eyes. I have found some relief because of your products and suggestions.

  • I've had a thick calcium band (keratopathy) in my right eye for years. I discovered how without vitamin K2, D3 as well as magnesium, calcium can not metabolize correctly. This causes it to build up in places it doesn't belong such as the eyes, heart kidney's and joints. Cataracts are simply calcium deposits in the eyes which these can help to remove.

    Recently, I added msm (4-6g per day) and started noticing that the eye with the keratopathy started to feel "funny" like there was always something in it. Even now, it feels kind of burning and waters a lot. Obviously there is something in my eye that doesn't belong being a ton of calcium! But it appears that the msm is definitely going to work to try and remove it along with my other efforts with diet and supplements named above. I am noticing a slight more visibility in that eye, where before the fog was so bad I couldn't even see at all. Now I can see just a little bit which is amazing to me!

    Another proof that these supplements can help to leach calcium from places it doesn't belong is with the teeth. Since going low carb and taking these supplements, I no longer have calculus (tarter) build up on my bottom teeth, which is also calcium.

    Oh yeah, I might add the since taking the msm, I have noticed a tremendous reduction in thick sinus mucous that I have been dealing with for years and years. So MSM is not joke!

  • I had bell's palsy and my eye on the left side the one that was affected is watery and was given these drops to help and it did make a difference it still tears not as bad I stopped using them for 2 months and my eye went back to the same I started using them again and my eye does not water the same. I love these drops and will use them forever. Keep in mind they burn for a few seconds.

  • Can I buy this eye drops in the pharmacy/drug store? I only see them on Amazon, are they sold over the counter or prescription, like made by a pharmaceutical company?

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