Tips for storing paper money with low vision or blindness – CNIB

Please view the video on using a Bank Note Reader for more information on how to identify individual paper bank notes. There are many different ways to group paper bank notes and it really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as your method works for you. Some people prefer to separate bank notes […]

School pupils accuse teachers of pushing ‘anti-Brexit propaganda’ in classrooms and assemblies – Li

HIGH school students have blasted teachers accusing them of pushing anti-Brexit beliefs in assemblies and classrooms  Sixth formers at St Joseph’s Catholic High School, Slough, say educators have been pouring remainer propaganda down their throats telling them backing a second referendum “would be in their interest”  They added that a senior teacher lambasted Donald Trump […]

Pupils ‘walked over’ bullied boy who was ‘knocked unconscious’ in school bathroom – two days before

A BULLIED eight-year-old boy was stepped over and left unconscious in a school bathroom two days before he took his own life at home  Surveillance camera footage is said to have captured Gabriel Taye being punched to the ground at Carson Elementary School in Ohio  Students can be seen wandering around an unconscious Gabriel, poking […]

Pesquisa Afirma que Este Alimento Melhora a Visão e Previne Cegueira, Descubra!

Did you know that about 75% of partial or total loss of vision be avoided and even reversed? This statement by WHO raises a about how we can act in a way that prevent blindness. Blindness is nothing more than a condition characterized by the loss of the ability to to see, which may be […]

Dr. Honassys Responde #18 – Glaucoma e exercício físico

Hello! I´m Honassys Rocha, Clinica do Olho Medical Director. Today we´ll talk about glaucoma and physical activity. Ana Paula Alves asked us through YouTube: I would like to know if a person with glaucoma can workout. I´m already exercising for a few days. Sometimes I have headache. Is there something in common? God bless you […]

Keratoconus: Corneal Transplant, RGP lenses, to PVR Scleral lenses 20/20 Baltimore, Maryland

What brought me to your office was my doctor, Dr. Hyatt who I’ve seen for a few years. He realized because of my condition, he couldn’t really help me. So first he sent me to a guy who had hybrid lenses. And so I got those, but very uncomfortable. They didn’t last long. And so […]

Norovirus leaves school on lockdown: Mass super-virus breakout forces pupils to stay home – News 24

 Howden School students have been sent home with the school now on lockdown due to an outbreak of the highly infectious disease that triggers vomiting and diarrhoea The school will not reopen until Thursday morning in an attempt to kill off the infection and stop it spreading Headteacher Mr Cannon penned a letter to parents […]